40 Uses For Old Wine Corks


If you love drinking wine, you have probably wondered what to do with all your wine corks. Each time you open a new bottle there is a new cork that could be repurposed into something spectacular. These 40 awesome uses for old wine corks will make you even more excited about your next bottle of wine.

1) Succulent Planter Magnets
These tiny magnets turn your fridge into a vertical garden. They are so adorable! To learn how to make your own, follow this tutorial.

2) Coasters
These wine cork coasters are the perfect way to display your love of wine while entertaining. They are nice and thick so nothing can seep through them.


3) Fishing Bobber
Wine corks can be turned into the perfect tool for fishing. Catch plenty of fish with this homemade bobber. To learn how to make it, follow this link.


4) Wine Glass Tags
Keep track of whose glass is whose with these classy glass tags. Use your first initial or change up the colors to avoid confusion. Learn how to make them here.


5) Place Card Holders
Save a little money on your next event by using upcycled wine corks as place card holders. They look so elegant.


6) Bath Mat
Get ready to get serious about your drinking. This mat takes A LOT of corks, but drinking the wine will be half the fun.


7) Jewelry
Turn your corks into a necklace and earring matching set. The arrangement will certainly be unique.


8) Knobs
If your knobs are worn out, make new ones from old wine corks. The rustic knobs will give any room a fresh feel. To learn how to make them, follow this tutorial.


9) Jewelry Organizer
Keep your jewelry organized with this amazing cork board. It is perfect for bracelets and necklaces.


10) Chip Clip
Instead of keeping a stack of chip clips for every bag you want to save for later, clip your chips with wine corks. They will be so much easier to stow when you are not using them, and they will look even better when you are.


11) 3D Wall Art
This epic decor will make you the envy of all your friends. You can even dye the corks with wine for an ombre look. Learn how here.


12) Cork Chandelier
This chandelier is shabby and chic. It would go perfectly in a beachy home. Learn how to make yours here.


13) Fix Your Furniture
If your furniture is uneven, this is the perfect solution. Cut your corks into little rounds to stick under the wobbly legs. Find out more here.


14) Pin Cushion
Turn your wine corks into these totally adorable pin cushions. Decorate them however you want – your guests will LOVE them!


15) Custom Stamps
You can make some super cool stamps out of corks. This is a great way to practice your skills with a knife. Get more information on the project here.


16) Candles
Need a little ambiance? Set a cork in a fire-safe container and light it on fire. Instant candle.


17) Fire Starters
Wine corks make great fire starters. You can soak them in rubbing alcohol for the perfect campfire starter. Learn how here.


18) Serving Tray
Stock up on wine to make this splendid serving tray. You’ll need around 188 wine corks, so you’d better start now. Learn how to make it here.


19) Bulletin Board
Keep family members or roommates up to date with this adorable bulletin board. The corks are perfect for sticking pins into. To make your own, follow this tutorial.


20) Wine Cork Tuxedo
Okay, this one is pretty silly. But who knows, maybe there is someone out there who could use it. You’ll certainly stand out in the crowd.


21) Herb Markers
Wine corks are the perfect tools for labeling your herbs. You’ll never lose track of which herb is which again.


22) Mulch
Throw your spare wine corks to your potted plants as biodegradable mulch. The plants will love it.


23) Wine Cork Ampersand Wall Art
This curvy ampersand would look elegant on any wall. Learn how to make this amazing craft here.


24) Trivet
Bundled wine corks make a great place to set your pots and pans. Now you can cool your cookware without ruining your countertop. To learn how to make it, follow this tutorial.


25) Cheese Knife Handles
Nothing goes better with wine than cheese. Turn your old corks into the cutest knife handles ever. Learn how by following this link.

26) DIY Toy People
Keep your kids entertained for less by transforming your wine corks into little people. Your little ones will get a kick out of them.


27) Embroidered DIY Necklace
Transform your old corks into elegant jewelry. To learn more, follow this tutorial.


28) Photo Board
This board will make the perfect place for your favorite photos. Hang it on your wall and snap away.


29) DIY Backsplash
Tile looks great on a backsplash, but this wine cork one looks so unique. It really puts a personal touch on the home. Learn how to make it here.


30) Mini Sailboats
Your kids will have a blast with these. Transform a handful of wine corks into a set of sail boats. Click here to learn how.


31) Wine Cork Memory Box
Keep the cork from the first glass you shared together, then place it in a shadow box to preserve the memory for a lifetime.


32) Picture Frame
Frame your favorite photos with corks from your favorite wines. Learn how to make one here.


33) Board for Wedding Table Numbers
With wedding season in full swing, you can never have too many good ideas going around. This table assignment board is so cute.


34) DIY Vase
Give your brilliant flowers an even better vase. The wood from the wine corks will compliment the plant beautifully.


35) Napkin Rings
Store your napkins in the cutest way possible with these wine cork napkin rings. Learn how to make yours by following this link.


36) USB Flash Drive
Use a wine cork to make your flash drive the coolest one yet. Learn how to make this incredible craft here.


37) Cork Balls
Line your countertops with these awesome cork balls. These will showcase your love of wine in a fun and tasteful way. Learn how to make them here.


38) Keychains
Keep track of your keys by attaching them to one of your favorite objects. You’ll never get locked out again. They are even perfect for the beach or pool because they float.


39) DIY Birdhouse
Build a birdhouse from your old wine corks. This will make a great addition to your back yard.


40) Make A Sign
Glue your corks together to make a fun sign for your bar – or any other part of your home. It will look so unique.


There are so many great ways to upcycle your old wine corks. Now you can drink your wine with purpose.