3 Young Girls Step Onstage In Hats. Dance Moves Have Internet Dying Of Laughter Moments Later


When running for a position in student government, you have to be creative to catch the attention of the student body. Some students accomplish this with catchy slogans or colorful slogans.

Others opt for a more creative approach by putting on a darling performance for their peers. And the video below is a great example of how to do this.

Walker was giving a speech to his peers in the hopes of becoming Student Body President.

To help sway the students to vote for him, Walker’s sister, Ashlin, and her two friends decided to take the dance floor. Her show of support comes in the form of hilariously large hats and wicked dance moves.

As the song “Elvira” by The Oak Ridge Boys fills the auditorium, the girls perform a very well coordinated dance routine. First, their oversized hats draw in the crowd’s attention. Then, their slick dance moves and speedy legs take it away.

The girls perform synchronized kicks to the beat of the music. Then, about one minute into the video, the girls do a signature dance move that takes the cake! You’ll have to see the video for yourself to see what I mean.

Finally, in the best show of support, the girls’ hats spell out Walker all together – all to remind the student body to vote for Walker for student government.

In the end, their efforts proved successful! Walker ended up winning Student Body President!

Check out the adorable performance of Ashlin and her sisters below. With Halloween coming up, those big hats would make for a great easy last minute Halloween costume!

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