20+ Hilarious Times People Beat The System In Ways Nobody Expected

Laws and rules are there for a reason, marks of orderly and successful societies that serve to keep us from descending into anarchy. However, some rules are just stupid and unnecessary. Smart and enterprising people know this, and refuse to bow to an unjust system.

And so they must find creative ways to bend the rules, free themselves from the shackles of oppression and get a taste of glorious freedom! We here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of some of the best examples of this, times when people refused to lay down and decided to go their own way instead. Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and don’t forget to vote for your faves!

#1 Boys Wear Skirts On A Hot Day To School In Protest At Being Told They Were Not Allowed To Wear Shorts


#2 Music Festival In 90 Degree Weather Wouldn’t Allow Vendors To Sell Beverages


#3 My Friend Goes To A School That Doesn’t Allow The Opposite Sex In Their Respective Dorms, So This Is Movie Night


#4 Please Cover Yourself


#5 Women Are Not Allowed To Attend Soccer Matches In Iran. 5 Girls Sneak In Azadi Stadium In Disguise To Celebrate Persepolis Championship In Iran’s Persian Gulf Pro League


#6 Food Isn’t Allowed In The Living Room. His Tablet Isn’t Allowed In The Kitchen. He Beat The System. I Quit


#7 You Are To Assume The Role Of A Chinese Immigrant In 1870


#8 Dogs Are Not Allowed On NYC Subway Unless They’re In A Carrier. So This Happened


#9 A Mayor In Brazil Prohibited Bar Owners From Setting Tables On The Sidewalk. Here’s Their Solution


#10 Camp Requires Kids To Write A Letter Home After The First Week