20 brilliant uses for dryer sheets


You probably already have dryer sheets in your home, and you likely use them to make your clothes soft and fragrant. Did you know there are plenty of other uses for these affordable household items? Here are a few of them.

 (1) Remove Bugs From Vehicles
Nobody likes to deal with dead bugs all over their cars. Cleaning them off can be difficult, and even detergent doesn’t seem to help sometimes. Instead of spending money on expensive cleaning products, just use a damp dryer sheet to scrub off the bugs.


(2) Remove Burnt Food From Dishes
If you have a bunch of burnt-on food and gunk on your pots and pans, no amount of scrubbing can help. Instead of spending hours with the sponge, just place a dryer sheet and a couple drops of dish soap in the dish or pot, and let it soak overnight. The dryer sheet will loosen the burnt food, so it’s easier to remove.


(3) Clean Soap Scum In The Shower
Soap scum can be gross to deal with, but someone has to clean it. Instead of scrubbing until it feels like your arms are going to fall off or paying a lot for cleaning products, just use something you already have at home. A damp dryer sheet will clean that soap scum right off the shower.


(4) Fight Static
Struggling with static cling? Just use a dryer sheet to remove it. Simply rub the dryer sheet on the clothing with static and watch it go away.


(5) Clean Electronics
Electronics are hard to clean because they are so delicate and can be easily damaged. Dryer sheets are soft enough not to damage electronics or their fragile parts. But they can get electronics sparkling clean.


(6) Make Chrome Shine
Have some chrome that looks a little dull? A dryer sheet can fix that. Just dampen it and rub the chrome. It will look good as new after just a few minutes.


(7) Winterize Campers
When you put your camper up for the winter, you probably worry about critters getting inside it. Dryer sheets can help keep them away. They don’t like the scent and will move on to make their homes elsewhere.


(8) Dusting
If your dust seems to be building up and a duster just won’t do the trick, try a dryer sheet. Simply rub it over the surface, and it will pick up all the dust. It gets more than a duster, so you can get your home dustless.


(9) Pet Hair Removal
Pets are great, but the hair they leave behind isn’t. Nobody wants to sit on a couch covered in fur. Use a dryer sheet and run it across your furniture to pick up all the pet hair, so it doesn’t stick to your clothing.


(10) Repel Rodents
Don’t like dealing with rats and mice? Put dryer sheets in the areas they frequent and get rid of them. They don’t like the scent and will move on to find a new place to live.


(11) Refresh Camping Gear
It’s hard to wash a tent, but when you have one stored for months, it can smelly musty. Just take a dryer sheet and rub it all over the tent. It works on the inside and outside and will give your camping gear a fresh scent.


(12) Quilt Backing
Need to add some backing to your quilt? Instead of buying it at the craft supply store, just save your used dryer sheets. Sew them together, and then sew them to the back of your quilt.


(13) Detangle Thread
If you have a tangle in your thread, you can get it out with the help of a dryer sheet. Just sew through the sheet, and as the thread passes through, it will become untangled.


(14) Clean Up Dry Messes
Spilled something dry and can’t get it up? Dryer sheets can fix that. Simply place them on the spill, and the dry stuff will stick to them and be easier to remove.


(15) Remove Sand From Skin
Planning a trip to the beach but don’t want to deal with the sand? Use a dryer sheet to wipe it off you. It will even remove damp sand. Just toss a couple in your beach bag, and you will be ready for a fun day at the beach.


(16) Fire Starters
Roll up a dryer sheet and dip it in wax. Toss it on some dry kindling, and it will help your fire burn hot and start easier. Make a few for your next camping trip or bonfire.


(17) Clean Hair Brushes
It can sometimes be hard to clean your hairbrushes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. A dryer sheet can be run through the brush to remove any dirt and grime and also give it a fresh scent.


(18) Remove Deodorant Stains
Deodorant stains can ruin your clothes, but the best way to get them out is with a dryer sheet. Simply rub the dryer sheet on the stain, and it will come right out. It will also make your clothes smell great.


(19) Deodorize Rooms
If you need to give your bedroom a fresh scent, just stick some dryer sheets in various places around the room. You can tuck them in drawers, under the bed, and even in your closet. They will give you room a clean and fresh scent and make it more comfortable.


(20) Swiffer Alternative
Need to mop but ran out of Swiffer pads? You can use dryer sheets in place of them. They attach to the Swiffer easily and work just as well.