17 fascinating facts about Australia


Australia’s a country where you’ll find two times more sheep than people and 1.5 times more kangaroos than sheep! In other words, animals rule Australia! Plus the weather’s amazing and if you love water sports or lazing in the sun, there are so many beaches you can visit one a day for 20 years! And that’s just only part of what life in Oz can offer you…

Considered to be a dream destination with incredible landscapes, flora and fauna, here are 16 mind-blowing facts that are guaranteed to make you add this awesome country to your bucket list!

1. Amazing wildlife, but keep your distance!


Many of us head to Oz for its wildlife and quite rightly so! That said, it’s home to wild dogs, deadly snakes, sharks, dangerous spiders and, of course, a scorching sun with UV levels 10 times higher than Europe! So remember to slap on your sunscreen and don’t go marching around the Australian bush without a guide!

2. No it’s not an alien species!


A washed up giant jellyfish!

3. Pythons eat bats


4. Giant horseshoe crabs lazing in the sun

5. You’ll find more snow in the Australian mountains than you would in Switzerland

The first time it snowed in Sydney was in 1936, but Australia also boasts some stunning mountain ranges. The Australian Alps stretch across New South Wales and Victoria, so if you’re a ski fan you can find excellent runs during the June to October winter season!

6. They invented UGGs
A US company may have bought and patented these super-comfy boots, but their origins lie in Australia. Ugg boots date back to the beginning of the 20th Century and were worn by farmers. They later took the fashion world by storm and are great for both indoor and outdoor use — in Oz people often wear them indoors during winter as it can get a bit chilly and Aussies like a bit of heat!

7. One in four citizens is an immigrant

8. There’s a high level of social support
Australian parents who have 4 or 5 children can apply for an allowance so that they can stop working in order to look after you kids. You can receive this allowance if you have a child that’s under 16, although sometimes it can be extended up to 19 years old.

9. You can fire up a barbecue in most parks
Australians are famous for their barbecues and most parks have free electric or gas grills where you can rustle up meal. Known for their healthy lifestyles, Aussies love a bit of grilled meat and veg, but also eat plenty of shellfish!

10. The country’s dotted with giant sculptures!



There are at least 150 mega sculptures dotted around Australia! They’ve become major tourist attractions and you’ll find plenty that depict animals, foods and other intriguing subjects. Just don’t forget your selfie stick!

11. Their bills are made from plastic

Australia swapped paper money for a polymer plastic version in 1988. It costs more to produce, but the bills are longer-lasting. A little-known fact? If you rip an A$10 bill in half, each half can be used as a A$5 bill!

12. Citizens are fined if they don’t vote in elections

It’s obligatory to vote from 18 years upwards and if you fail to do so, you could be fined between A$20 to A$50. The good news? Polling stations don’t have a dress code!

13. You don’t need to tip

Tourists tend to leave a 5 to 15% tip, but most locals don’t bother. So if you’re strapped for cash, don’t feel bad if you just pay the bill and leave it at that!

14. No, kangaroo meat isn’t a favourite

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Kangaroo meat is easy to find in supermarkets and restaurants, but Australians themselves don’t really eat this ‘delicacy’. Around 70% of kangaroo meat is exported to 55 countries.

15. 6 of the world’s 10 deadliest snakes are native to Australia

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The Coastal Taipan is one of the deadliest snakes in the world. Its fangs are 13mm long and each one contains around 120mg of poison. If you get bitten, you won’t last more than a day without treatment, whilst animals will die within 4 to 12 hours depending on their size!

16. You’ll see herds of wild camels

Believe it or not, Australia has the largest population of wild camels, with authorities estimating that around a million freely roam the outback.

17. The Dingo Fence is the longest wall in the world

Nope, the Great Wall of China isn’t the record-holder! The Dingo Fence is 3,488 miles long and cuts the country in two in order to protect flocks of sheep from wild dogs!