16 Things You Didn’t Know The Use For


Do you ever wonder what the point is behind certain things, or why they even exist? If you’re like me, you probably just throw these kinds of things away, or disregard them all together.

Well, throw away and ignore no more. Lots of little things in life actually have some pretty useful tricks behind them that can significantly help us live much easier lives. Anything in life that saves time or makes a common, everyday task easier is good in my books.

Here are 16 things you didn’t know the use for.

1. Have you ever noticed a little hole in the middle of your spaghetti strainer spoon? This hole actually fits the size of exactly one serving of spaghetti so that when you’re making your spaghetti you can accurately measure it.71

2. The extra piece of fabric that comes with your clothes isn’t to use as a patch, as most people think, but it’s actually there to use as a tester in the laundry machine to see how the fabric reacts to different detergents or bleaches.


3. The little hole at the bottom of a padlock key is there to help oil the lock if it becomes rusty. It also works as a drain to drain out any liquids that may go into the lock.


4. Have you ever wondered what the little pom pom on the tops of hats are for? Well, today they are used mainly for decoration, but back in the 18th century, French marines used to wear them for protection against the low ceilings of ship cabins. They were also used in uniforms for soldiers to help distinguish the branch of military a soldier was in.


5. The diamond-shaped squares on the backs of most backpacks can be used to hang things such as ropes or shoes when going camping.75

6. The dimple at the bottom of  a wine bottle is called a punt, and it is there to prevent bottles from tipping over.


7. The loop at the back of a shirt isn’t just there for decoration. They are there so that you can easily hang them up in a closet without wrinkling them.


8. You may think that the blue side on erasers is used to erase pen. If you’ve ever tried it, you already know that erasing ink only leads to a tear in your paper. The blue side of an eraser is actually meant to erase pencil on paper which is heavier or thicker than normal paper. It can also erase any smudges left over from the pink eraser.


9. The colored squares on toothpaste are there for a reason! They are actually called “color marks”, which are created when being manufactured to indicate whether the packet can either be folded or cut.79

10. The tiny holes in the window of an airplane is there to equalize the air pressure from the inside and the outside of the airplane.


11. Ice cream scoops come in several different colors. These colors actually represent the size of the scoop based on how many scoops it takes to fill a container measuring 32 ounces.


12. The dimpled ridges on golf balls actually reduce the amount of drag while it is flying in the air, allowing the golf ball to fly faster and farther.


13. Lots of door knobs are made out of brass. The reason for this is because brass surfaces can prevent bacteria from accumulating, killing bacteria in a short amount of time and essentially making doorknobs germ-proof.83

14. The metal snaps around the pockets of jeans are there to prevent everyday wear and tear so that pants don’t rip apart or tear easily.


15. Beer bottles have long necks for a reason. A person’s hand carries heat, so when it touches a beer bottle, the heat transfers to the bottle. If a person holds the neck of a bottle, the beverage can stay cool longer.


16. Did you know that if you unfold your Chinese takeout box, it turns into its own bowl? Try it out!


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