16 Hilarious Responses To Wrong Number Texts


We used to have to slip each other pieces of paper in order to get a message across. Then we evolved to having landlines and passing people pieces of paper with our phone numbers on them. After that, humans developed these gigantic cell phones the size of a shoe that only the wealthy could afford. But nowadays, text messaging and video apps have surpassed that exponentially and we can communicate with anyone, anywhere.
Well, that is only the case if we are given the right phone number.

Here are 16 hilarious instances of people being given the wrong number.
1. Everyone likes dogs, especially when they are in the form of cute cuddly puppies. The sender of the text said that ‘the number was listed as a vet’s office’ so does that mean he still uses a phone book or did the receptionist simply deceive him?

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2. I assume that someone who refers to their mom as ‘mom’ while talking to someone else is most likely a sibling or someone that shares the same mother as them. So, how on Earth did she forget her sister or brother’s phone number?

3. This guy is clearly not happy with the mass of texts that he is getting claiming he is Jessica. The flared nostrils and the stray hair are enough to spur this suitor.


4. This one is pretty self-explanatory. This gentleman thought he was chatting with Queen Elizabeth.


5. How can dogs send texts without the use of opposable thumbs? Or did they have their other puppy friends snap a picture of them?

56. This person just started off this conversation incredibly mean. And when he found out he had attacked the wrong target, he still just kept on going.


7. Any motivated individual realizes that they need to take advantage of any opportunity. When Hannah realized that this person was impressed by her skills, she immediately inquired for a paying position.

8. Were they both shirtless at the time of the texts or did they remove their shirt in order to send a selfie? Either way, good looking out to save this guy the shame of getting catfished.


9. Dobby is a house elf and Smeagle is some kind of hobbit. But I am not quite sure how a ‘relationship’ between these two drastically different species would work out. Aren’t they both from completely different universes?

910. This one is funny. Pictures can say a thousand words but a well-placed meme is an equivalent to a fantasy novel.


11. It took this person quite a few texts to realize that they were texting the wrong number. At least they both got a good laugh out of it!


12. This one is a little dark and morbid. Who just randomly texts a person saying ‘it’s done.’ That is so vague and scary. Maybe this wasn’t a wrong number after all…


13. Not only did this person use the wrong ‘too,’ he texted the completely wrong person. How can that even happen? If you’re telling someone ‘I like you too’ shouldn’t you at least know their number or have had a previous text conversation with them?!

14. This guy just got lambasted via text by a total stranger! I do have to agree though, if a family member just passed away, the most formal and appropriate thing to do would be to send condolences and not a condescending text.


15. I love a good banter like this one. Despite the wrong number, they were still able to continue a conversation that wasn’t only small talk but motivational and inspirational as well too!


16. This one is funny not because of the wrong number but because of the weird pose that these two gentlemen decided to strike. Who takes pictures like that? It gave me a good laugh though.