15 Times Kate Middleton Wore An Outfit That Crossed The Royal Line



When you have celebrity status, designers are knocking at your door constantly asking you to try on their various outfits. It can’t be easy to pick one with the amount you have in front of you. But you go with your style.
But if you are royalty, things are a bit different. You can’t just go with whatever outfit you feel matches your style. There’s a royal dress code you have to follow with every outfit. It’s pretty strict but you work with it.

This is exactly how it is for Duchess Kate Middleton. Though she has an incredible body and designers are dying to work with her, she is never supposed to get too risque when it comes to her outfits. But sometimes stuff happens.
From skirts that are too short to high-cut slits on evening gowns, here are 15 times Kate’s outfits crossed the royal line.

1. This doesn’t look all that bad, right? But the queen would probably have an issue with the hemline being above the knee.

2. She looks absolutely beautiful in this outfit. However, the royal elders weren’t too impressed with the tightness of it.

3. What’s the big deal in showing some clavicle? To us, it’s not a big deal at all, but Kate should be cautious of the old-school Royals!