15 things only cat owners will understand


If you have a cat at home there are things that you’ll know that other pet owners just won’t understand. Here, we’ve put together a list of 15 of the most common “issues” that only cat owners will understand. Be sure to leave us your favorites in the comments section.


1. You don’t need an alarm clock

You already have an alarm clock. It purrs, it meows and jumps on your bed in the morning until it’s fed or sleeps on your face.


2. You live with destruction

Cats radiate destruction. An unattended mug WILL be knocked off the counter.


3. You consist 50% of cat hair at this point

There’s no escaping it.


4. 4am is not for sleeping.

It’s for being woken up by your cat running through the house for no reason.


5. You talk to your cat

It’s normal. Totally normal. The cat talks back. You’re not crazy, you swear.


6. The cat owns everything.

Did you want to sit on that chair? Too bad.


7. Cats will sleep anywhere except their expensive beds.

The sink? A box? Your face? Perfect for sleeping.


8. Cats are alpinists.

They’ll climb anything.

Cute kitty joins wedding procession and won’t let go of bride’s dress

9. Doing laundry? You mean making a cat bed.

Nothing like a pile of freshly washed clothes… to sleep on.


10. You can’t leave food lying around.

The cat will eat it. They won’t like it but they’ll eat it anyway.

Toilet Paper Cat GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

11. Hide the toilet paper!

Unless you want your bathroom to look post-hurricane.


12. What’s personal space?

You have a cat bum in your face and a cat tail in your cereal. Nothing out of the ordinary.

This cat gets caught playing on owner’s laptop when he’s away at work.

13. Cats have a unique way of helping.

Whether you’re working or studying, they’ll be all over you.


14. Your phone has no memory left.

It’s full of photos of your cat doing nothing.


15. Their purr is the best sound in the world.

At the end of the day, you love your cat a lot.