15 Questions You Should Never Ask a Woman


It is pretty obvious that she hates them.

Girls are girls. They love what they love. Better not to poke them for the things they are attached to.

Guys, this is one of the things I recently realised and I even shared this learning with the guys around me. You may find me silly, but I am serious. Pretty serious. So, here I came up with a listicle.

For all guys out there, here are some questions they should never as a girl/woman.

1. Is that the look you were going for?


I don’t think it is a good idea to poke a lady in the case of fashion. Questions like «Why do you need more dresses? Are you going to wear more makeup? Is that the look you are going to try?» will make her angry for sure.

2. How come you’re still single?


Dare not to ask!

3. Why are you so emotional?


We know that a woman shows her emotions quite easily, but it doesn’t mean we can ask her questions like that.

4. Are you going to eat all of that?


I mean, really? How the hell can you ask someone a question of that sort? It totally depends on the person and how much they want to eat.

5. How many men have you sexually been with?


Ask this question if you have a death wish!

6. Are you done?


Try not to ask this question when you are arguing because the only thing it will do is start a new argument.

7. Would you like to have some chocolate?


Come on, this question is same as disrespecting them on their face. Well, a study has found that women love chocolate more than others, so, give them the whole chocolate, not some.

8. Can I kiss you?


Note: This point does not apply to couples.

9. Do you like me?



A few girls in my friend circle made me pick this question.

10. Why did you not answer my message/call?


Please don’t ask this question even in dreams.

11. Are you on period?


Mind your own business, guys!

12. What is the natural color of your hair?



Well, another thing that can irritate a woman in a jiffy.

13. When are you going to get married?


Questions about marriage can be frustrating for both male and female, at times.

14. Are you pregnant?



No, way! Please.

15. Do you have any siblings, like a younger sister, maybe?


Beware, guys!