15 photos captured at the exact moment before disaster strikes


Usually a perfect photo requires great lighting, an eye for angles, and a billion shots. But, every once in a while, as luck would have it, someone just so happens to hit snap at the perfect moment, and magic is made.

Here are 15 of our perfectly-timed favorites!

1. Girl Pops Bubble

This person managed to capture the exact moment a bubble was popped.

2. The Merman Effect

One little fishy just so happened to be in the right place, at the right time, for this hilarious merman photo.


3. Crashing Plane

Although this picture is not as lighthearted as the previous photos, it remains an amazing capture, nonetheless.

4. Dog Yawn

I like to call this one yawn-ception. Seriously though, what are the chances of this happening and being caught on film?


5. A Shark Emerges

This photo shows the second before a shark emerges from the water. The surface tension of the water looks incredible!


6. Man Wears Tiny Hat

It’s hard to tell, but it looks like those hat stickers are on the wall outside the train, and the photographer just happened to snap a picture as they were passing it.


7. Mischievous Monkey

This mischievous little monkey couldn’t help but take a peek when this lady’s skirt was blown up by the breeze.


8. Fish Faces Death (Literally)

This stunning photo shows a fish’s last look before being gobbled up by a hungry bird. Poor little guy didn’t even see it coming!


9. Sexy-Legged Bartender

The way the customer and the bartender are positioned in this photo make it look like the handsome bartender is sporting a set of seriously sexy legs.

10. The Whales Come Out

This one is a personal favorite of mine. The whales look almost ethereal as they lunge out of the water directly beside a small fishing boat.


11. Fire-Breathing Dog

This pup was just laying on the ground and playing with a stick, but the random flame was in just the right spot to transform him into a fire-breathing beast.


12. Boy Wears Water Hat

This photographer took a photo just as the boy was being splashed. The surface tension of the water makes it look like he’s wearing a hat!

13. Soldier Gets Caught Yawning

I doubt this young soldier thought that his yawn would memorialized in a perfectly-timed photo like this one.


14. The Dog-Faced Girl

Usually calling someone dog-faced would be pretty insulting. In this case, however, it’s accurate.

15. Lady Lightning

There are so many layers of amazing in this one, single photo. What are the chances a bolt of lightning would happen to perfectly hit the Statue of Liberty at the exact same second someone was taking a photo?

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