15 household problems you can solve with rubber bands


Everyone has a drawer in their house that has a handful of rubber bands. Often times we think to just grab them and toss them out. But you’ll actually want to keep those rubber bands on hand as there are lots of ways they can come in handy around your home.

Here Are 15 Household Problems You Can Solve With Rubber Bands:

1) Keep Clothes On The Hanger
Having your clothing end up on the floor after you’ve hung it up can be super annoying. Try tying a rubber band around the end of each side of your hanger. The rubber band will catch your clothing and keep it on the hanger.
2) Identify Your Drink
Having to clean a million glasses after a party can be annoying. It can also cause you to run out of glasses mid-party. Place different colored rubber bands around the bottom of your glasses so people can keep track of them. Double up if you use the same color more than once.

3) Open A Stubborn Jar
Having trouble opening that jar? Place a rubber band around the top of the lid. It will help you get a better grip on your jar.
4) Prevent A Door From Closing
If you have kids, then it’s important to make sure that they aren’t able to close or lock doors in the house. Place a rubber band over one knob. Cross it over the door lock and place the other end over the knob.

5) Keep Your Tea Bag In Place
No one likes to have to fish out the tea tag of our tea bag from our cup of tea. Place a rubber band around the top of your cup and over your tea bag string. It won’t fall to the bottom of your cup.
6) Keep Apple Slices Together
Slicing up apples makes them easy and convenient to eat when we want a snack. But keeping them in Tupperware can make them go brown. Keep them in place with a rubber band.

7) Keep Your Page
Keep a bookmark that doesn’t fall out? Place a rubber band around your book. It will keep your page even if you drop your book.
8) Easily Turn a Page
Stop licking your fingers to turn a page. It’s gross. Instead, wrap a rubber band on the end of your finger to easily turn the page.


9) Keep Your Utensils Dry
Having your mixing spoon slip into your bowl is a pain in the butt. Wrap a rubber band around the hand. The band will catch and won’t slip into the batter.
10) Car Phone Mount
Stop risk getting a ticket for using your phone in the car and don’t risk keeping your eyes off the road. Keep your phone in view so you can see the GPS with a rubber band. Tie it through your vent.

11) Keep Ribbon In Place
Ribbon can easily unravel. Wrap a rubber band in yoru spool. It will keep them in place.

12) Keep Stemware From Slipping
Don’t let your delicate stemware clank around in your dishwasher. Use rubber bands to hold this in place. This will prevent them from chipping and breaking.


13) Keep A Chopping Board In Place
Sometimes chopping boards can slide around on your countertop. Place a rubber band on each end of your cutting board. The rubber will grip your counter and prevent the board from slipping around.


14) Prevent A Ceiling Fan From Rattling
Don’t let your ceiling fan rattle and make noise. Place a rubber band around where your globe screws in. This will prevent the screws from loosening.

15) Extra Room In Your Jeans
Source: gabworthy
Use a rubber band to give you extra room in the waist of your jeans. Just tie it to the buttonhole. Wrap the other end around your button.

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