15 glamour shots that took it to the next level


For those who don’t remember, or maybe for those who are trying to forget, glamour shots were a photography trend from the 80’s and 90’s. With the help of professional photographers, people could take their own “model style” photos with special makeup, hairdos, and lighting. As the name suggests, it was was a way to look your most glamourous.

Or at least that was the idea. Because, as we should all know by now, any time a new fad comes along that helps people look cool, only about .001% of us are actually able to pull it off. The rest of us wind up being reminded of how uncool we really are.

Today we’re looking at some glamour shots that fell a bit short of the mark. Maybe it’s an egregious wardrobe choice. Maybe it’s a hairdo that’s bigger than any human person’s hair should be. Maybe it’s just how they project an overall feeling of discomfort.

I will say though, at least these folks were willing to put themselves out there!

1. Brace yourself!


2. Deuces aren’t the only thing that’s wild!


3. Who would this outfit make more jealous, Prince or The Joker?


4. Not just anyone can pull off a “sexy hypothermia blanket” look.


5. This hat far exceeds a safe amount of flair.


6. If you like Glinda the Good Witch, you’ll love Christa the Confused Mom


7. Watch out, here comes the Pleather Patrol.


8. Taken moments before her hair caught fire.


9. When your “sexy” face is also your “If I hold still the bear might not attack me” face.


10. When your “sexy” face is also your “Did anyone notice I just farted?” face.


11. “Should we tell Mom she’s wearing S&M gear?” “No, and let’s never speak of this again.”


12. “Let’s not tell Grandma, either.”


13. Seriously? Were all glamour shot places secretly S&M dungeons?


14. How many other people do you think wore those outfits before these two?


15. And finally, we’ll end on the one correct way to do glamour shots.