14 ways binder clips can profoundly change your life


Binder clips are great for keeping papers and other documents together in the office. But there are also lots of great uses for them that can make your life immeasurably more convenient.

Here Are 15 Ways Binder Clips Can Profoundly Change Your Life:

1) Smartphone Car Mount
Stay safe while driving and use a mount for cell phone. But why buy a fancy phone car mount when you can build one? Learn how to make one here.
2) Keep Garbage Bags In Place
Having to fuss with your garbage bag is annoying. Things can slip through and can create a mess. Keep your trash bags in place with binder clips.


3) Cell Phone Stand
Trying to watch a movie on your phone? You don’t have to buy a stand or keep holding. Use binder clips to hold it upright.
4) Keep Sponges Dry
Keeping your sponge on the side of the sink can make it prone to mold and mildew build up. That’s because it can stay wet on one side. Use a binder clip to keep it upright and dry.

5) Use The Last Drop
Don’t waste a single drop! Use a binder clip to pinch your toothpaste and other tubed items at the end. This will prevent you from wasting anything.
6) Keep Cables In Place
No one wants to go grabbing for their cell phone charger. You can keep all your cables in place with a binder clip. Just clip to the side of your table or desk and slide the cord through.


7) Keep Your Keyboard Upright
Most keyboards are made with legs to keep them more ergonomic. If yours don’t have legs, try a binder clip on each underside of the keyboard. Just flip one of their legs back or remove them.
8) Prevent Beverage Roll
Stacking beverages takes up less space than lying them upright. The only problem is that they can roll away. But not if you use a binder clip.


9) Keep Your Headphones Together
Nobody likes untangling headphones. Not only is it annoying but it can damage your headphones. Keep them neat and untangled with a binder clip.
10) Makeshift Picture Frame
Keep photos on display without the bulky frame. Just place your photos in a binder clip. Stand it upright to keep them on display.


11) Cover A Razor
Did you lose your razor cover? Don’t risk getting nicked. Cover the razor head with a binder clip.
12) Money Clip
Not big on wallets? You don’t have to go out and buy a money clip. Just use a binder clip instead.


13) Keep Your Grocery List On Display
Having to constantly grasp for your grocery list is annoying. Keep it front and center so you don’t forget a thing. Just fasten it to the cart with a binder clip.
14) Recipe Card Holder
Keep your recipe in perfect view with binder clips. Just put your recipe card in binder clips. Then position them upright.

15) Keep Coffee Filters In Place

Sometimes packaging can take up a lot of space. Get rid of excess packaging and keep coffee filters organized with a binder clip. It will take up less space in your pantry.

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