14 obnoxious things couples do at a restaurant


Couples at a restaurant can be a handful especially when they disregard that they are in a public place and need to behave accordingly.

We have all seen couples at restaurants who make us cringe and we feel like telling them to get a room. They are usually the ones who completely disregard the fact that they are in a public place and the etiquettes which they need to follow are somewhat different from their bedroom.

These couples appear quite annoying to most of us as they bring out the personal aspects of their lives which no one is interested in and are better kept within the confines of their homes. Further, their disregard for an acceptable social behavior makes life hell for others as their behavior makes everyone around extremely uncomfortable.


#1 Sitting on the same side of the booth


Alright, we get it! You are so much in love that even the separation of a table between you is unbearable, right? But there’s a reason that people sit across each other and that is in order to have a better conversation and it also looks polite and not ridiculously cheesy.

#2 Playing footsie


Oh, come on! You are at a restaurant and not in your bedroom, or your living room that you need to engage in such personal displays of affection. While we do not mind you being affectionate but playing footsie while in a public place does cross a line as far as public courtesy goes.

#3 Selfies


Alright, you have come out on a date and you need a picture to commemorate the evening, no problem. Take a selfie or two and be done with it. What is completely impolite and childish is posing for one selfie after another and ending up with a number of pictures which is numerically more than the bill you pay for.

#4 Going cute


So you are so much in love that you color coordinate your dress while coming to a restaurant? Cool! But can we just leave it at that? Going all cute with the sweet voices speaking ‘baby, won’t you have another bite?’ is not only unbearable for most others but sounds pretentious, to say the least.

#5 Feeding each other


How often have you seen couples feeding each other, being all dreamy eyed and oblivious to the fact that a thousand people around them are eating like adults? The love is understood but if you are not really infants who look like grownups then feeding each other is highly unacceptable.

#6 Sex in the restroom


It is one thing that you are physically unable to take your hands off each other and quite another that you need to copulate in the restroom. Please do not do that. This practice is gross, unhygienic, and makes you look like a total douche rather than the cool image which you may be carrying in your head.

#7 Table hogging


Yes, you made reservations and you came early to the restaurant and you would like to spend quality time with each other but please do not disregard that there are others like you who would like to have some time too. Sitting at the table for hours, sipping your coffee slowly and just hogging the table is your right but is highly rude as well.

#8 Proposing


Proposing to your partner is one of the most intimate things to do. While the intention is understood, it is quite a bizarre thing to do at a restaurant. The fact is that publicly proposing may be hyped by the pop culture but the intimacy is really lost once done among a bunch of people you don’t and won’t know.

#9 Breaking up


Just like proposing, breaking up with each other is also a personal thing and believe it or not, people are hardly interested in the shower of emotions which follows the breakup. If you do feel like breaking up, a cordial and secluded place is a better option than a restaurant.

#10 Hitting on other couples


Yes, there are quite a few couples who find it interesting and fun to hit at other couples while at a restaurant. Well, you may have an open relationship and might be okay with your partner hitting on others but the other couple may just wish to eat in peace, so kindly let them.

#11 Getting your child who you cannot control


Do bring along your children at a restaurant and do have a great time with them but kindly make sure that you know how to manage them if they get unruly. It is a public place and others want to have a good time too and it is not the child’s fault but the couple’s if they are unable to manage if their child goes berserk at a restaurant.

#12 Fighting at a restaurant


How often have we seen couples fighting at a restaurant and creating a scene? The thing is, if you are not able to manage a decent mean without getting on each other’s nerves and ruining the peace of others around you, you are better off going at each other in the privacy of your home.

#13 Food pictures


Do take a picture of your food and post it on your social media walls but there should be a limit to how much is good enough. A hundred pictures of your food taken from a hundred angles by walking around your table are simply not polite.

#14 Eating in cold silence


People go to restaurants to have a pleasurable time. They go there to share a few laughs, talk amicably, and enjoy a good meal. But if you sit there brooding and eating in cold brutal silence then you are responsible for the tensed atmosphere you create and the one which permeates through the entire place, ruining the day for others as well.