14 life-changing shoe hacks


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but shoes are a close second. With the right pair of shoes, you can change your mood (and your height). As helpful as a good pair of shoes are, a pair of uncomfortable shoes can result in back pain or blisters.
Before you slip your shoes back on check out a few of these shoe hacks that might just change the way you use your footwear.

1. Use medical tape to tape your toes
If you have a pair of uncomfortable heels (especially the pointy-toed heels), try taping the third and fourth toe (counting from your big toe) together with medical tape (it should go without saying that duct tape is not your friend here). Don’t believe it works? Check out this report from XO Jane.
2 Rub your feet down with lube
This seems counterintuitive (I mean moisture=Athlete’s Foot… right?), but Runner’s World recommends coating your feet with vaseline before running to keep your socks from chafing your skin. Just remember to wash your feet (and your socks) after your run.
3. Get more wiggle room
Stretch out a pair of stiff shoes with less pain by donning a pair of thick socks and then taking a blow dryer to the tight areas of the show. The heat and your thick socks will help the shoe expand so they’re more comfortable.

4. Prevent stinky foot
Keep the insides of your shoes from smelling by slipping a panty liner in each one. The liners absorb moisture so your shoes don’t. Just toss and replace when the liner starts to get funky.
5. Clean your shoes with Windex
If your favorite pair of patent leathers are looking a bit dull, use a soft cloth and a bit of window cleaner to make them look like new.
6. Keep your shoes on with hairspray
If you’ve ever accidentally slipped out of your flip-flops, you know it can be a little embarrassing. Stop that from happening by spritzing the bottom of your feet with hairspray before you put your shoes on.
7. Use your shoes to hold your keys
Jogging is enough work without having to juggle your house keys and your audio player. Slip your house key over one of the laces and tie your shoes tightly when you go jogging so you don’t drop them while you’re running.

8. Keep your boots in shape with a pool noodle
Purchase a cheap foam pool noodle and cut them to fit the height of your boots and slip a piece in each boot. They’ll keep your boots in shape and add more space to your closet floor!
9. Waterproof your own shoes
Keep your feet from getting soaked the next time it rains, by rubbing down your cloth shoes with beeswax and then applying heat (via a hairdryer) to seal the wax in place.
10. Clean up leather shoes with vinegar and a toothbrush
If your leather boots look a little worse for wear (thank you water spots), dip an old toothbrush into a bit of white vinegar and buff away the stains with ease.
11. Clean dirt from suede shoes without water
Yes: you can clean the cute suede boots you just bought, without using water on them. Grab a nail file and gently loosen dirt from the material before wiping away.

12. Give your shoes some traction
Tired of slipping and sliding around the floor like a buffoon? Rub the bottom of your shoes with some sandpaper to give them a little bit of traction.
13. Buy your shoes at night
Avoid buying shoes that pinch all day by hitting the shoe store at night. Your feet are slightly bigger at night so you’ll buy shoes that won’t pinch when you wear them all day.
14. Save cash on fancy shoes by recovering a pair of drab soles
Give boring shoes a facelift by recovering them with cute fabric (bonus: you don’t even have to sew!) Check out this fun tutorial from PopBetty.