14 awesome ways to use tension rods around the house


Everyone uses tension rods to hang their window valances and shower curtains, but they actually have a lot more potential than that. The tension rod’s ability to squeeze into tight, tiny and often unused corners means it’s the perfect tool to better organize your home.
The best part about a tension rod, though, is that it’s moveable. If you use it to organize a drawer then want to reorganize that drawer, no problem. And if you use it to make a fort with the kids, you can easily tear it dow (despite their protests) and hang it back up tomorrow. So, check out our list of super easy tension rod DIY’s to get started — you’ll really wish you read it sooner.

1. Hang your window plants
If you just don’t have enough room on the window sill this is the perfect DIY for you. Take your tension rod and place it in your window to hang tiny potted plants from hooks. This is a great spot for a mini herb garden or just some colorful flowers to add some pop to the kitchen.
2. Organize under the sink

Never fumble around under the sink looking for a bottle of cleaner again. Use a tension rod to hang your spray bottles, rags and whatever else to free up space down below.
3. Drawer organizer

The days of dark, cluttered drawers will be long gone with the help of a tension rod. Use it to keep lids, water bottles, plates or whatever else in place. This is also great for those items that always seem to be sliding around when you pull open the drawer.
4. Jewelry organizer

You already know tension rods work great in the bathroom, but now you can get a bit more creative than the shower curtain. Use a tension rod in a tiny corner to maximize the space and hang some jewelry. This works great in a bedroom too, if you have the right spot for it.
5. Organize your heels

Ladies, look at this! You’ll never have to worry about a bottomless pile of unmatched heels again. Find a nice spot in your bedroom or closet, spring a tension rod open and hang your shoes. It’s easy, and it looks great.
6. Extra kitchen storage

Use the tension rod as the base of a platter that stands between your countertop and your shelves or cabinets. We love how they painted this one a brass color for a bit of a chic upgrade. Plus, this won’t ruin any of your countertops or cabinets.
7. Bathtub organizer

Now, we love how this is a great bathtime toy organizer for the kids. But realistically, you could use this to store soaps, shampoos and everything else in the shower, too.
8. Scarf rack

Transform your wrinkled scarf pile into the likes of a trendy boutique. Finding the right scarf has never been easier, plus, they’re so pretty it kind of counts as wall art too.
9. Desk organizer

Use a tension rod and little curtain hooks to hang reminders, to-do lists, mail or whatever else is important in your life. We love how they have spray painted this one here this nice brassy color.
10. Shower gel and face wash organizer

For all those pesky shower gels and face washes that take up way too much space, this is the ideal solution. Hang them here so they’re organized, off the edge of your tub, and so the liquid always falls to the bottom. Genius!
11. Baby or pet gate

Instead of splurging on a gate, keep the toddlers and pets where you need them by springing up a few tension rods. The best part is probably the ease, as you won’t have to deal with all the locks and mechanisms of a regular gate. That being said, you shouldn’t use this by a stairway or with really little kids.
12. Play forts

Turn a cozy corner into a reading nook, princess castle or fort with the help of some tension rods, curtains and a little imagination. It’s easy to put up, and just as easy to take down.
13. Organize cutting boards and cookie sheets

With the help of a few tension rods, you no longer have to stack your cutting boards, cookie sheets or trays on top of one another. Keep them organized and easy to reach with this simple DIY.
14. Baby proof cabinets
Keep curious little ones out of your drawers with the help of a tension rod. All you need to do is secure one rubber edge to the bottom lip of your countertop and the other to the floor to keep those little hands out. And remember, be sure to get one thin enough to squeeze through your fittings.