13 Crazy Brilliant Uses For Old Pillows


Usually when your pillow gets old and flat, you throw it away. But that doesn’t have to be the case. While you no longer can use them in your bedroom, you do have some options other than throwing them in the trash.

Here are 13 neat ideas on how to recycle your old pillows for other purposes.

Use Old Pillows as Stuffing for Another Pillow


One use for the stuffing inside an old pillow is as additional stuffing for another pillow that you own. This works great for pillows that are just starting to lose their fluffiness and can make them feel like new.

Compost Old Pillow Feather Stuffing


Feathers make a great composting material. So, instead of throwing your old feather pillow directly into the trash, remove the feathers first. This is much better for the environment, with the stuffing serving as fertilizer for the plants around your home.

Use Old Pillows to Block Air Drafts in Your Home


Place old, flat pillows in front of a drafty door to stop the air flow. You can also stuff your old pillows into a plastic bag and stuff it up a chimney flu to cut off any drafts coming from there.

Use Old Pillows When Moving




Save your old pillows and you have instant furniture protectors the next time you have to move something. Just place the pillows in between furniture and other items to keep them from rubbing together.

Give Old Pillows to Your Pet


Use an old pillow to make a comfy bed for your pet. Just place a used pillow case on the old pillow, or make your own using fleece material.

Use the Stuffing From Old Pillows to Line Your Pets Cage


Another use for an old pillow for your pets is to line the bottom of their cage with the stuffing. And even though you need to replace it after it is soiled, it does extend the use of the stuffing somewhat.

Use Old Pillows on Your Next Road Trip


Turn an old pillow into a road-trip pillow. The flatness of the pillow makes it perfect for fitting around seatbelts, allowing riders to sleep comfortably while remaining safe.

Use Old Pillows as Insulation



Save your old pillows for situations when you need insulation in emergency situations. Situations where you can use old pillows as insulation include around a hot water tank, your pipes on a cold night, around your bathtub, and in your attic.

Use Old Pillows When Working Around the House


Use an old pillow as a knee pad when working in the yard, garden, or around your home. Just place the old pillow on the hard ground or surface before kneeling down to do your work.

Use Old Pillows as Packing Materials


Use an old pillow to protect fragile items through the mail. Your options include using the whole pillow or removing and using the stuffing. It all depends on how much room you have in the box.

Donate Old Pillows to the Homeless


While your old pillows might not seem useful to you, others who are less fortunate might love to have them. If your old pillows are still in decent shape, donate them to a homeless shelter.

Put Two Old Pillows Together


To extend the life of your old pillows, place two of them together when they get flat. This should give you a firmer pillow and allow you to extend the usefulness of old pillows.

Turn Old Pillows Into Rags


If you open your old pillow and remove the stuffing for use elsewhere, make sure to keep the fabric. You can cut up the fabric into smaller square pieces and use them as rags for cleaning around your home.