12 Things Every Mother Should Teach Her Daughter


Mothers and daughters have a very special kind of relationship. Yes, of course, moms and their sons have lovely relationships too, and fathers and daughters have their own special bond.

But there’s something so unique and wonderful about the bond between a mother and her daughter.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve adopted your daughter, if you gave birth to a blood relative, if you are an aunt raising a niece like a daughter, or if you are in any other special situation in which you are responsible for motherly duties. Mothers and daughters of all different stripes count.

Moms are responsible for a whole lot, but these 12 things that every good mother should teach her daughter are some of the key points. They’re all so important in their own way. From practical skills to lifelong emotional wellness, moms need to make sure their daughters are prepared to go out into the world. Let’s be honest, it isn’t always easy for girls out there.

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1. How To Brush Tangled Hair
One of the earliest things I remember learning from my mom is how to detangle hair from the bottom up. All moms know that trying to brush all the way through hair from root to tip is futile and will only result in one big rat’s nest.

Conditioner, detangler, and those new wet brushes are all great tricks Mom has up her sleeve when it comes to getting through those tangles.

2. Not To Settle For Someone Who Doesn’t Respect Her
In the same vein, it’s so important for young girls to know that their dreams come first, before any man! Girls need to know they can do whatever they want to do with their smarts and talents, and that absolutely does not involve a controlling, jealous, disrespectful, or apathetic man.

Moms might think that their daughter already knows this, but it’s always good to vocalize it often.

3. How To Get Aunt Flo Stains Out
It’s inevitable for every girl: period leakage. Every mom should explain how to use cold water and dish soap to rub away most of the blood as soon as possible, before it sets as a stain. Knowing how to deal with the situation made me feel less embarrassed about my body, and even a bit empowered.
4. How To Eat Healthy And Happy
Food and diet can be a dangerous topic, especially for young girls. Moms should teach their daughters to eat a balanced, healthy diet consisting of whole foods. But it’s also so important to emphasize that it’s alright to have a second piece of cake every now and again if that’s what brings joy to her day.

Balance is key, and maintaining a healthy attitude toward food starting at an early age will make life much easier down the road.

5. Where She Comes From
It’s so important for little girls to understand where they come from, and to find out what their culture means to them. Moms should be sure to speak about the struggles ancestors went through to get the family where it is today. If the cultural history isn’t pretty, don’t cover it up.

Make sure to keep cultural traditions alive and well, even if younger girls or teens might roll their eyes at some of it. When they grow up, they’ll learn to appreciate their culture and how it shapes who they are.

6. How To Budget, Use Coupons, And Shop Smart
Knowing the value of a dollar can never come soon enough. Young girls should learn from their mothers how to take advantage of coupons and off-price department stores. You can really save heaps of cash when you spend wisely.
7. How To Keep A Plant Alive
It’s harder than it looks! A green thumb from Mom is such a wonderful gift for any girl. Learning how to nurture something, even if it’s just a tiny little houseplant, teaches responsibility and commitment. It’s also a nice hobby that mother and daughter can share together, and makes for a cozy home full of beautiful plants!

8. How To Jump-Start A Car
Every mom should absolutely show her daughter how to jump-start a car and change a tire. If she’s someday stranded on the side of a road, she’ll be glad to know how to get herself out of the sticky situation. No girl should have to rely on someone else to do something as simple as starting her car!

9. The Importance Of SPF And Moisturizer
As a young woman, a daughter might feel invincible when it comes to wrinkles and sun damage. Moms should absolutely teach their daughters the importance of proper skin care and protection, to avoid not only premature aging, but also skin cancer!

10. How To Speak Up, Loud And Clear
Every daughter needs to learn from her mom that she has the right and the duty to speak up for herself when she knows that she’s right. There is no reason for any little girl to think that she has to be quiet and reserved while the boys get to be loud and right.

This goes hand in hand with teaching daughters how to think for themselves and use those big beautiful brains of theirs.

11. How To Pluck Hairs From Her Face
I remember when I was in middle school, I was quite ashamed of my unruly eyebrows and the slightly darker hairs on my upper lip. When my mom showed me how to tweeze the unwanted hairs off my face and told me it’s totally natural, I once again felt secure in what was going on with my body.

Learning how to tweeze one’s own eyebrows without going overboard and how to pluck one’s own mustache not only saves truckloads of cash on waxing, but it also gives the young woman a sense of control over a simple aspect of her appearance.

Appearance, as much as we would like to try and change it, is still something that matters to young women. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to clean up the natural shape of a brow.

12. At Least One Hobby They Can Share
It’s always so lovely when a mother and daughter can share a special skill or hobby. Be it skiing, knitting little hats, or playing the piano, Mom should try her best to find a common interest with her daughter and teach her to the best of her ability.

The process will make memories to last a lifetime, and the two will always have something special to do together.

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