12 Hollywood Actors Who Rejected These Iconic Superhero Movies


Do you know which role was offered to Will Smith?

Superhero movies are mostly a sure-shot way to success for filmmakers and actors, and even though these films are a favorite among fans, not all actors want to take these roles. Yes, it’s shocking but true. Some actors have turned down the role of a superhero for various reasons and didn’t even regret it.

The Popple has compiled a list of great Hollywood actors who rejected iconic superhero movies.

Matt Damon | Daredevil


n his interview with Peter Travers, American actor Matt Damon said: «I passed on the film Daredevil, to be fair, (to) Ben (Affleck) has got a whole story.»

He admitted that script wasn’t his type, he didn’t know the director, so he had to divorce his emotions from it.

Emily Blunt | Black Widow


There’s an old saying, «If you’re an actor and Marvel calls, you always say yes.»

But it turns out Emily and a lot of other Hollywood stars do not believe in it, despite knowing the fact Marvel has turned a lot of local actors into global icons.

Emily Blunt refused the role of Black Widow.

Josh Hartnett | Spider-Man, Batman and Superman


When Christopher Nolan offered him the role, Josh Hartnett turned it down. He regreted it later and agreed that this decision had put a detrimental impact on his career.

Joaquin Phoenix | Doctor Strange


Three-time Oscar winner, Joaquin Phoenix refused to play the role of Doctor Strange in Marvel Studios films.

Jessica Chastain | Iron Man


Jessica had to let go of an important role to play in Iron Man 3 because of her busy schedule. She said, «I know many of you wanted me to be involved, and I’m so sorry to disappoint you. Hopefully, there’ll be another Marvel film in my future. Shane Black and everyone on the IM3 team is incredible. I’m very excited to see the movie when it comes out.»

Olivia Wilde | Gamora


The character of Gamora was offered to Olivia Wilde as an opportunity. She refused it and didn’t reveal the reason. It was later performed by Zoe Saldana.
Jake Gyllenhaal | Suicide Squad


The role of Rick Flag was offered to Jake Gyllenhaal, but he rejected. The character ultimately went to Joel Kinnaman.

Mel Gibson | Odin in Thor


While people are comfortable in watching Anthony Hopkins as Odin in Thor, not all of them know that the role was first offered to Mel Gibson.
Pierce Brosnan | Batman


In one of his Reddit AMA sessions, Pierce Brosnan revealed, «Yes, I did reject the role in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman.»

When asked by his fans, Brosnan said: «Any superhero who wears his underpants outside cannot be taken seriously.»

Tom Cruise | Iron Man


Can you imagine, the first choice of directors for the role of Tony Stark was Tom Cruise. Marvel had approached the actor to play the character of Iron Man in their superhero franchise, but actor showed no interest in it.

Will Smith | Superman


Will Smith was finalized in the lead role for Superman Returns 2006. But the actor rejected the part saying, «I had already done Jim West, Wild Wild West (1999), and you can’t be messing up white people’s heroes in Hollywood. You mess up white people’s heroes in Hollywood, and you’ll never work in this town again!»
Leonardo DiCaprio | Spider-Man


After the major success of Titanic in 1997, Cameron Crowe was planning to direct Spider-Man starring DiCaprio, but it didn’t work. Ultimately, the Sony produced the film.

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