12 genius ways to reuse a binder clip around the house


Binder clips aren’t just for the office. That’s right — these handy little guys do more than just hold paper together! From cute and quirky uses to super handy hacks, you’ll never look at this common office supply the same again.
We’ve rounded up some of the best hacks out there for all around your home. The best part is that binder clips are super inexpensive, so you can pick up a bunch for all your organizing needs. Let’s take a look at all the different ways you can use these handy little guys!

1. Charging station organizer
Keep your cords untangled by using binder clips to organize them.
2. Toothpaste tube squeezer
Get the most out of your toothpaste by rolling the end and holding it tight with a binder clip. This will ensure you use every last bit and don’t let any of it go to waste.

3. Minimalist wall decor
If your decorating style is on the minimalism side, try hanging some simple pieces of art with binder clips. It’s surprising how elegant it can be. This trick would also work well for displaying your kiddo’s artwork and allows you to change what’s on display as often as you’d like.

4. Headphone organizer
Never get your headphones in a tangle again by wrapping them around a binder clip. This life hack is one we all should use!

5. Name card holder
Next time you’re hosting a gathering in your home, transform some binder clips into cute and super inexpensive holders for your guests’ name cards. Follow this tutorial from Amy Bayliss and get ready to host!

6. Sponge holder
Say goodbye to mildewy sponges for good! Next time you’re done using a sponge, stand it upright with a binder clip instead of laying it on its side. This will help it dry out more quickly and prevent those nasty smells.

7. Keep water bottles in place
Keep your water bottles cool without letting them roll around your fridge! Simply place a couple binder clips on your refrigerator shelves to create a carrier that will prevent those bottles from rolling.

8. Safely pack your razors
Packing your toiletry case for a trip can be a little tricky when you throw in your razor unprotected. Not only will your blades dull when they bang against everything else in the case, but you could slice your fingers when you reach inside. Prevent this by securing a binder clip over the blade for the safest way to pack your razor!

9. Marker holder
If you’ve got a whiteboard but no place to store the marker, we;ve got a lever hack for you. Simply attach a binder clip to the edge, and you’ve got yourself a marker holder!

10. Ribbon holder
If you love crafting as much as we do, you’ll want to be sure you keep all of your supplies organized and ready to go for the next time your creative juices are flowing! Use binder clips to secure your ribbons so you can easily see all your varieties at a glance.

11. Closet organization
We never would have thought of binder clips as a way to keep your closet organized, but it works! You may need the larger variety of clips to store your boots, but hey, it’s cheaper than buying a new shoe rack! Plus, you can use them to hold labels for all you bins that sit high on a shelf so you know where everything is without straining your neck!

12. Glue gun stand
Calling all crafters: this one’s for you! Even if your glue gun has a built in stand, chances are it’s a bit unstable. Next time you fire up your glue gun, keep it steady with the help of a binder clip!

Which binder clip hack are you going to try first? What other ways have you used them around your house? Share this article with all your DIY-loving friends!