12 food tattoos to try if you need taste to live in your veins


Who doesn’t like food? It is the most beautiful thing out there. Whatever problems you are facing in life, just get some comfort food and you will instantly feel better. If you ask me, then I would tell you that this is what I do. Even while writing this down, I was feeling a bit low, so I got myself some ice-cream.

Food for me is like a friend who will always have your back. And I am not the only one who says this. Apparently, there are people whose love for food crossed all the limits. They got themselves food tattoos.

I must say that is some dedication. Food is no longer just food for them. It is a love story which knows no bound. I have attached some tattoos here. Some are so beautiful and petite that you would think that I want one of these. I have chosen mine. You should know too.

This little Pizza looks too delicious!
Well, well, well, would you look at that? Isn’t that little pizza tattoo a little too cute? I have decided that I am getting this as my wedding tattoo instead of a wedding ring.

Little Olives pinterest
Okay, this has to be the best wordplay ever! Those little olives are just so cute.

Love for McDonald’s.
When you take your bills way too seriously!

I love food more than people.
This tattoo has my priority straight. I mean who would choose people over food? For me, it is the other way around.

When the love for baking is too real.
This is called true dedication. When you love baking too much, it turns into madness. Take it from this person.

Love at first bite.
Forget mere mortals when food can be your soulmate!

As Kenny would say, it’s ‘Chai Time’.
What is that one thing which has your back no matter what? Love? More like love for Chai. Imagine sitting by the window while it is raining and drinking tea. God, the sheer thought of it makes me so euphoric!

This is definitely the limit of madness.
Well, if you are not this extra, then why even are you a foodie?

Be it any day, burger is a must!
I love munching on a juicy burger with Peri Peri Fries. This is my go-to snacks.

I think this is a little too much!
Love for food is good and all, but this is downright cringe-worthy.

Ryan Gosling with pizza for a beard?
I think this is getting a little too strange now. Ryan Gosling with pizza beard and blue eyes. For some reason, I can’t stop looking at it.

That is some kind of wings.
Well, wings are wings. Be it angelic wings or chicken wings. But these look more tempting.

There are all kinds of people in this world and because of them, there are all kinds of tattoos.

Love knows no bound!