11 Signs That Prove That Your Guardian Angel Visits You


Most of us believe that each and every individual in this world is bestowed with a guardian angel. This gives us the feeling of safety and comfort, knowing that we are being protected and guided by our angel. Some know that their guardian angel is a spiritual being, while some believe that their angel is a deceased loved one who is still here to look after them.

But have you ever thought if you can sense if your guardian angel is beside you or pays you a visit? I have been wondering about this a lot, too. It may be difficult to know, but for those who believe in guardian angels, these signs will help you recognize their presence:
1. An angel visits you in your dreams

Those who believe in guardian angels say that they may visit you in your dreams to let you know that they are with you and watching over you. This kind of dream reassures you about their presence in your life.


2.You see strange-colored orbs

At first you may think that your eyes are playing tricks on you if you see a bright light or a strange orb but these are said to be “vehicles for angels.” You may also notice them in photographs and they are signs that your angel is just near you.

3. There is a sudden sweet smell

Your guardian angel can be reaching out to you through letting you smell sweet scents. It can be the smell of flowers, a perfume, or a delicious food.


4. You find a white feather

This sign will mostly come to you in times of need. A white feather is your guardian angel reminding you that you are not alone and that someone watches over you all the time.


5. Your baby sees something you can’t

Babies as well as pets are said to have the ability to see guardian angels. So next time you see your baby or your pet staring at a certain spot without anyone, or if your baby smiles on something that isn’t there, it could be that they are seeing your guardian angel.


6. Angel-shaped clouds

We know that clouds take a lot of forms and when we were young, we have spent some time looking at them. If you see a cloud taking form as an angel or something that pleases you like a heart shape, this means that you guardian angel is just near you.


7. You see angel numbers everywhere

Repeating numbers such as “333” or “11:11″ are considered angel numbers which are ways of your guardian angel to catch your attention. It can also be a number with a special or personal meaning to your life.


8. Sudden change in temperature

An unexpected warmth or chills may be a sign that your guardian angel is near you. And sometimes, these warmth that suddenly surrounds you may be your guardian angel giving you a hug to comfort you.


9. You hear muffled voices

A distant, muffled sound can be a sign that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you. Some people experience this during quiet instances, and this may be their way of reassuring you that they are watching over you.


10. You feel that you are not alone

Almost all of us have had that experience where we suddenly felt that we are not alone in a completely empty room. We may also feel raising of hairs at the back of our necks. This can also indicate that your guardian angel is beside you.


11. Tingling at the crown of your head

You will notice this sudden warmth at the back of the head. This tingling sensation, according to angel believers, may just be your guardian angels way of trying to speak with you, letting you aware of their presence.