11 of the world’s oldest pets from dogs to horses to tortoises


Did you know a goldfish can live half as long as a human? Or that a tortoise was older than the United States?
With proper care and good genes, pets can reach ages more than twice as long as their average life span. From guinea pig to dog, you’ll be impressed with the numbers.

Read on for some record-breaking pets.

1. Oldest Dog
Blue the cattle dog lived to be 29 years old in his Australian homeland. Reportedly, his longevity-induced diet contained other Australian natives- kangaroo and emu.

Maggie the cattle dog passed away in 2016 and may have taken the record. She was adopted 30 years prior to her death but went to her owner without papers, so her exact age is unknown. But if she lived for more than 30 years, then Maggie becomes the oldest dog on record.

A dog’s life span is relative to its size and breed, with smaller dogs often outliving larger ones. The average range is 10 to 13 years.

2. Oldest Cow
Big Bertha lived to a whopping 49 years old. Nowadays, 25 is considered an old age for a cow! Her body is on display on an Ireland farm.

3. Oldest Macaw
Charlie, a blue macaw, is still alive and kicking despite hatching all the way back in 1899. At 117 years old, Charlie blows the average 50-year life span of macaws out of the nest.

Legend has it that Charlie was originally Winston Churchill’s companion. Though Churchill’s daughter denies the claim, the bird can be heard screeching anti-Nazi propaganda at his current home at a garden center in England.

4. Oldest Guinea Pig
Snowball lived to be almost 15 years old, more than double the average life expectancy.

5. Oldest Cat
Creme Puff lived to be 38 years old. Cats typically only live for anywhere from 14 to 20 years. She resided in Texas.

6. Oldest Goldfish
Goldie surprised everyone after coming home with his owner from a town fair and shattering records. He lived to be 45 years old. He was also much larger than the normal goldfish.

Goldie was a UK resident where most of the other old goldfish contenders reside. Must be something in the water!

7. Oldest Rabbit
Flopsy, a wild rabbit turned pet, was found nearly 19 years before he died in 1984 in Australia.

8. Oldest Chinchilla
Radar lived to the ripe old age of 29 years old. He was born in Germany but died in the USA.

9. Oldest Salamander
Two salamanders at the Artis Zoo in the Netherlands reached 52 years old. These two also takes home the trophy for oldest amphibian.

10. Oldest Horse
Old Billy grew to be 62 years old, while the average life span for a horse is only 20 to 25 years. He died in 1822 in England.

11. Oldest Animal Ever
Adwaita the Aldabra tortoise might be the oldest animal that ever lived, reaching 255 years old. Adwaita was a pet before outliving her owner and relocating to life in a zoo.

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Source wideopenpets.com