11 Completely True Things They Don’t Want You To Know About The Human Body


  1. Your skull is just full of hair waiting to grow. Brains are a lie.
  2. With proper stimulation women also orgasm.
  3. It takes more muscles to smile than it takes to be forced to go see your friend’s band play in Brooklyn and act like you’re having fun.
  4. If you took out your intestine and stretched it from end to end, it would be really gross.
  5. Drinking gasolines isn’t as hard on your digestive tract as you might think.
  6. White men can jump.
  7. Kidneys are just the children of adult knees.
  8. Not everybody poops; only disgusting sickos poop.
  9. We’re all made from the same space dust maaaan.
  10. Your blood tastes like rust because we are all robots.
  11. You can tell how old someone is by counting the rings in their butthole.