11 Absurd Mansions You Can Rent For A Dirt-Cheap Vacation


Want to do a fun summer trip with ALL your friends or family? Well, there are some amazing houses you can rent these days that could be cheaper than renting hotel rooms. Plus, you get the added benefit of everyone staying in one place together for some quality bonding time.

And these are not your normal everyday homes. These mansions are designed for huge groups and come with everything you could possibly want to make your trip unforgettable.

Check out these houses for some ideas to help you get started planning your next friend bash or family reunion.

The prices are based off the average cost per night divided by the total number it sleeps. The key is getting a big group together to keep the costs low. Even without filling to the max, the prices are still pretty good. Plus, it’s fun just looking at these crazy homes.

1. Destin, Florida
Located off the Scenic 98 in Destin, FL, this house has something for everyone. The swim up bar in the middle of the pool is the icing on the cake. Details here.

Sleeps: 34
Price: $40 per person / night


Now that’s what you call a pool. Get the details here.


And if you don’t want to actually hang out in the pool, this amazing outdoor living space will do just fine. Details here.


Wow. Now this is a kitchen. You should be able to whip up even the biggest meal in here. More details here.

2. Breckenridge, Colorado
This lodge is situated near Breckenridge, Colorado and perfect for a summer mountain gathering. Details here.

Sleeps: 30
Cost: $73 per person / night


Just look at that view. Close proximity to biking and skiing. More details here.


A great open floor plan for gathering. Can’t you picture a roaring fire going as the snow falls outside? Get more details here.


3. Big Bear Lake, California
The little gem is called Edgewood and is located in Big Bear. It has a guest house that is the perfect spot to put those friends or family members that don’t make your A list. Details here.

Sleeps: 24
Cost: $89 per person / night


This entrance way will just make you happy every time you walk into the house. Details here.


Relax and be at peace with yourself in the sun room. Fountains included at no extra charge. Details here.


You can whip up quite the nice meal in this gourmet kitchen.


4. Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina
Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this estate has 400 acres of park ground for you and your friends to explore. Details here.

Sleeps: 40
Cost: $37 per person / night


Take a step back in time in this elegant bedroom room. Details here.


There’s even a lap pool inside surrounded by rustic brick walls. Details here.


5. Orlando, Florida
Want that perfect Disney vacation? This gem of a house could be what your dreams are made of. It boasts a pool and movie theater room to name a few. Details here.

Sleeps: 23
Cost: $73 per person / night


The mansion has an enclosed pool so you can swim without any bugs bothering you. Details here.


And when the weather is bad, everyone can just spend some time watching movies in the private cinema. Details here.


6. Puerto Rico
Why limit yourself to the continental U.S? Take a little trip over to Puerto Rico, and you can grab a steal. This is said to be the largest mansion in Puerto Rico. Details here.

Sleeps: 32
Price : $167 per person / night


This is the perfect place for those night time pool parties. Details here.


The massive living room has enough space to fit even the largest crowds. Details here.


7. Las Vegas, Nevada
Looking to step up the fun level? Then make a trip to Las Vegas. This house is a short ride from the strip, but why would you ever want to leave this pad? Details here.

Sleeps: 32
Cost: $47 per person / night


Have you ever swum in a car-shaped pool? Here’s your chance. Details here.


This classic white kitchen looks stunning with plenty of room to cook for a big group. Details here.


8. Gatlinburg (Smoky Mountains), Tennessee
This 10 bedroom “mansion in the sky” overlooks the Smoky Mountains and is the perfect spot for a quiet getaway with your closest 40 friends. Details here.

Sleeps: 40
Cost: $35 per person / night


There’s a game room for the kids and the kids at heart. Details here.


This crazy large pool looks more like something that a full city or community would have. Enjoy! Details here.


And you need a theatre room to relax after that full day of hiking and swimming. Details here.


9. Outer banks, North Carolina
If the beach is your thing and you have 30 relatives or friends to join you, then you need to check out this oceanfront pad in Outer Banks. Details here.

Sleeps: 32
Cost: $18 per person / night


The pool is just yards to the beach, but why bother when you have this setup. Details here.


And it really doesn’t get much better than this view. Details here.


10. Lake Michigan
There’s nothing better than a summer lake trip. And this house would be the ultimate place to spend that vacation. It even comes with 450 feet of private beach. Details here.

Sleeps: 64
Cost: $25 per person / night


It doesn’t get much better than relaxing at a lake. Talk about peaceful. Details here.


There should be more than enough kitchen cabinet storage for all those snacks you’ll be eating lakeside. Details here.


11. Auvergne, France
And finally, if you really want a truly unforgettable friends or family trip take a look at this place in France. You will feel like you walked back in time and are living like royalty. Details here.

Sleeps: 60
Cost: $29 per person / night


The pool looks even classier at night. Perfect for an evening dip. Details here.


This vaulted living room makes you feel like you are in a castle. Wait… you are. Details here.


Take your dinner to the next level with this formal dining room that’s fit for royalty. Details here.