105-Year-Old Man Meets His 5-Day Old Great Grandson. The Video Is Making Millions Of People Tear Up


A 105-year-old great-grandfather was overcome with emotion as he carried a 5-day-old baby. The video capturing the beautiful moment has really gone viral online.

In the short video, the grandpa, at first, was hesitant about holding the baby. Perhaps he was worried that he was not strong enough. But after some encouragement and support, the baby was placed in the hands of the proud old man and it certainly looked like that was where the little kiddo wanted to be.

The baby squirmed contentedly in his great grandpa’s hands and the old man was filled with emotion. He could not hold back the pure joy that overtook him.

Obviously, this moment resonated with many people as it already had over 12 million views since it was published online.

Many people shared their opinions and how glad they were to come across such a sweet recording.

A Facebook user, Carle Marie said, “oh wow! I don’t know you. But I love seeing older people so happy!! Thanks so much for sharing! I’ll go to bed with a smile tonight. And he will too!!”

“This video showed up on a group I am in. I can say this touched my heart. May you continue to be blessed. I love to see people who show love and appreciation towards the elderly,” Albertha added.

Watch the beautiful moment below.

Easton, at 5 days old, meets his 105 year old great grandfather. This is one of the sweetest videos you will see. Pop is so happy.

Posted by Jason Zwolak on Sonntag, 2. April 2017