10-year-old boy stops going to toilet due to gaming addiction, undergoes bowel surgery


With an increase in the variety of video games, children have stopped going out for outdoor games, and have glued themselves in front of video games. It is a serious issue spreading rapidly all around the world, concerning young children.

The problems faced because of body’s inactiveness in children is a long-term problem that are causing severe issues in their body. Problems like constipation, obesity and bone issues are rising in people who spend more than seven hours without moving.

Recently, a 10-year-old boy who visited Jo Begent, a pediatric consultant came with a deformation to her that appalled her, as it looked like some kind of a tumor.
After doing the further examination, it was found that the boy stopped going to the toilet in order to continue playing the game, because of which he developed a dilated bowel.

As DailyMail reports, Dr. Begent who is a practitioner at University College London Hospital, said, «I was doing my general pediatric clinic one day and a boy walked in, a ten-year-old limping and looking really poorly. He had a mass coming out of his pelvis and I panicked and wondered if he had a type of cancer.»

The boy was suffering from severe constipation. After examining his condition further, she said,»When I took the history in better detail this boy was gaming so much that his bladder and bowel were so deformed because he had stopped going to the loo.»

The boy’s engrossment in his video games, made him ignore his ‘basic bodily urges’ because of which he had to suffer severely. In an annual conference of the NSPCC, that Dr. Begent was addressing, she said that gaming and social media are badly affecting the health of youngster, both mentally and physically.
She added, «The sleep and obesity issues are the things we first started noticing – but these more profound physical health issues are just dawning on us now.» There are other health issues she talked about like, young people being sleep deprived which is affecting their hormones, problems in young girls that are affecting their body adversely.

She said, «Hormonal pubertal development can be affected if they are low weight. And indeed obesity can affect pre-pubescent development as well, if you are very obese you can get polycystic ovaries – that might affect your periods.»
World Health Organisation (WHO) classified the gaming disorder as one of the medical condition. Dr. Begent told The Daily Telegraph about the 10-year-old boy that, «His father was addicted to gaming and had facilitated his children becoming addicted to video games. The boy was an incredibly gifted footballer but he and his son used to game together.

«It took two years to treat the boy with the use of laxatives and various other techniques to help the boy regain control of his bladder,» says Dr. Begent.

The doctor tried to help the boy and his family to get back with the normalcy of life, and it took her two years to keep him off the video games. She said, «He was still “not 100%” but was playing games in a more settled way.»

Conor Nolan
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