10 weird cleaning secrets from Grandma that actually work


Today we rely on an arsenal of cleaning products to clean even the most basic surfaces of our home. These products take up precious space in our cabinets and often are packed with chemicals. But it hasn’t always been like this.
Back in the day, Grandma cleaned her house just fine without all these products. And you can too. A lot of the time, there are very simple homemade solutions for tackling everything from dirty surfaces to stubborn stains. And sometimes, Grandma was just really clever, #vintagelifehacks.
For our ultimate list of weirdly awesome cleaning secrets from Grandma, check out the list below.
Natural air fresheners
Grandma didn’t have a stockpile of scented candles or room sprays. How did she keep the house smelling great? The following video shows 3 natural ways to freshen the home:




DIY Febreze
Grandma also didn’t have the luxury of having Febreze. Try the following inexpensive DIY version instead:




Homemade streak-free window cleaner
Grandma didn’t have any of those fancy branded window cleaners that boast about their streak-free formula. Did you think people just had streaky windows back then? No way. They mixed common household products to create an awesome solution to get windows squeaky clean. Check out the video below for an easy tutorial:



Lightening and whitening, naturally
Tired of using all those chemicals to get rid of stains on your white clothes and linens? Instead, do what Grandma probably did.


Chances are your grandmother used this magical, and powerful, powder for just about everything around the house. Check out the video below to see how it works:



Use a pillowcase to clean the ceiling fan
This one is pretty genius.



Get rid of hard water stains
Don’t spend money on expensive cleaners. Grandma would have tried the hack below first.



Remove sticky adhesives
Trying to clean a jar but can’t get all that sticky label adhesive off? Instead of sitting there scrubbing or using harsh chemicals, do what Grandma did with the help of the video below.


Cotton tea cloths
How many rolls of paper towels do you go through a week? Most likely, too many. Not only are these bad for the environment, but they cost you a ton of money a year too. Grandma never had paper towels and did just fine, so you can too.



Cut your dish sponges in half
A reader told Good Housekeeping that her grandmother who lived through the Depression used to cut her sponges in half.



Toothpaste to clean silver
Many of us have been there: You’re about to host a big lovely dinner when you realize your silver is filthy. Instead of running to the store for silver cleaner, reach for the toothpaste instead. Simply rub it on, rinse and let it dry. It will look shiny and new.