10 ways to transform a trampoline


Your kids begged for it. They pleaded for it. And they cried for it. And you finally gave in and bought them that trampoline they were whining about for months. It cost you a fortune and you can probably count the number of months they actually used the darn thing on your hands.

Now that trampoline your kids so desperately wanted is taking up a huge space in your backyard and it hasn’t been touched in months.

Maybe even years. The first thing you thought was “Hey, I bet I could sell it and make a few bucks back. That way it won’t be a total waste. But you soon realized that this won’t happen. Because your kids broke it since they always find a way to destroy everything.

The good news is that your efforts don’t have to be a total loss and all of the money you spent on that trampoline doesn’t have to go to waste. There are lots of ways you can repurpose an old trampoline, even if it’s broken.

Here are 1o brilliant ways to repurpose a trampoline:

1) Outdoor Archway

Create this stunning outdoor archway that you can grow ivy and other crawling plants on while you sit and enjoy the covering underneath it. Get the full instructions here.


2) Hanging Tee Pee

Create this cozy little hangout spot by hanging a trampoline and adding fabric around it to create a hanging tee pee.


3) Outdoor Movie Screen

Prop up your old trampoline and project movies onto it so you have your own outdoor theater.


4) Suspended Lounger

This is the best of both worlds. You can bounce and lounge on this trampoline which is modified to create a suspended lounger.


5) Rose Arbor

Use a trampoline frame to create a rose arbor that your beautiful roses can creep up.


6) Trampoline Swing

Now this is a swing that everyone can fit on!


7) Rocking Trampoline Hammock

This is a hammock that does not need to be hung and rocks back and forth instead of side to side.


8) Garden Chime

Bring some music into your backyard by creating this awesome giant garden chime which doubles as a beautiful focal piece.


9) Instant Shade

Need some cover in your backyard? Just extend the legs of your trampoline and attach a sheet for extra shade.


10) Shed

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You can also repurpose that trampoline into a garden shed. Get the tutorial on how to make one here.

Source homehacks.co