10 ways to take your hot dogs way way beyond ketchup and mustard


Think summer grilling doesn’t get any more basic and boring than hot dogs? Then you clearly haven’t seen our list of ways to dress them up and make a real food event.
With some help from Yahoo, we’ve put together ten ideas to take your hot dogs way beyond ketchup and mustard, taking inspiration from regional favorites across the country and flavor combinations from around the world. Eat them:

Remember this tip? Spiral cut your hot dogs for even cooking and top-notch condiment-holding.

The Fourth of July might be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy this combination of cheese, bread, and hot-dog-on-a-stick.

Obviously, we have to include one of our favorite ways to enjoy bacon. Even better— these hot dogs are stuffed.

With Guacamole
Avocado makes everything better, so add some guac to your dogs for a great combination of flavors.

With Cream Cheese

Bring this breakfast-and-dessert favorite into grilled entrees. Whether it’s mixed with bacon, scallions or salmon, adding it to a hot dog will blow your mind.

With Beer Cheese
It’s exactly what it sounds like— melted cheese and beer melted together. Bring some Oktoberfest inspiration into summer and slather some on your hot dogs for a combination of your favorite summer foods.

With Pickles
They’re a classic for a reason. Eat your hot dogs Chicago-style and load them up with the tasty green treats.

You’re going to have chips as a side anyway, so why not combine the two? Be it pretzels, tortillas or regular potato chips, the extra level of crunch will make it a hot dog to remember.


Want to get the crunch from the hot dog itself? Just make a small X-patterned-cut at each end before grilling.

With Extra Spice
Take inspiration from around the world and add extra spice in your toppings. Salsa, kimchi, chutney, wasabi— raid your spice cabinet and go crazy!

Want even more ideas? Check out Yahoo’s list and add your own in the comments! Do you like your hot dogs Chicago-style, NYC-style, Kansas-City-style or your own individual way? What toppings are your absolute favorites?