10 things cats do that you will relate to


Cats are a special breed. They are fun and a constant source of entertainment. Cats are very independent. Cats share the same psychology with us humans. If you have a cat at home, do you know that cats have their own vocabulary? Moreover cats think the same things as us.
Here are 10 of the most picture about your cat who is trying to communicate and think just like us every day.

#1. Thinking of ways to escape all the work and still get the money. That’s what most of us think about first thing in the morning. Your kitty is no different.

#2. Sitting at your workplace and thinking if dying is an option available to you. Do you think the same way?

#3. When your friend leaves you with strangers at a party and you have nothing to do about it.

#4. I just asked for some attention. You need not react this way. You can be a little polite.

#5. When you are in the mood to chill and relax and are having some of the best times, so you make the most of it because it wouldn’t last for long.

#6. Going to take a shower without a towel may land you in some embarrassing situation. Does that happen with you as well?

#7. When you start questioning your purpose on this Earth and you can’t find a single good reason.

#8. When you can’t stop adoring yourself and you are going to look the best one in the room.

#9. When you have finally got all that you ever needed to make you happy. Is that catnip? Give me more of it please.

#10. It’s time to sleep and all the thoughts start filling your mind. You can do better than this. Just go to sleep and everything will be perfectly fine.
What do you think?