10 powerful home remedies for getting rid of ants


Ants are pesky little critters. They invade every room in the house, looking for tasty morsels and water. Trying to get rid of them can cause you to pull your hair out in frustration!
If you have little one’s running around or simply want to avoid using chemicals to deter ants from entering, check out the 10 home remedies below for getting rid of ants. With some of them, your house will end up smelling really good in the process!

1. Clean up. Ants come in looking for food and water. By cleaning up scraps and crumbs left from preparing food, you can minimize ants, according to Better Homes and Garden (BHG).

2. Vaseline. Since ants leave a trail they can follow, BHG recommends smearing Vaseline over the trail to cover the scent.

3. Soap and water. Another way to get rid of the trail is to clean it up with some soap and water.

4. Natural bait. To permanently rid yourself of ants, you really need to get rid of the ant colony. BHG recommends making bait from peanut butter, sugar, Borax and water and letting the ants take it back to their colony.

5. Vinegar. For the hard to reach places, Reader’s Digest recommends making a mixture of one part vinegar to three parts water and spraying it on the ant trails.

6. Cucumber peel. Bob Villa says that ants don’t like the smell of cucumbers, so placing peels around where they are coming in should repel them and keep them out.

7. Cinnamon. If cucumber isn’t your thing and you’re worried about the peel rotting, Villa also says that ants can’t stand the smell of cinnamon. He recommends sprinkling ground cinnamon around or setting out cinnamon sticks.

8. Peppermint oil. Another yummy-smelling way to repel ants is spraying 2 to 3 tablespoons of peppermint oil mixed with a quart of water around their points of entry, according to Villa.

9. Cayenne pepper and garlic. Another recipe by Villa is to mix cayenne pepper with garlic and water and spray ant homes with it, getting rid of ants at the source.

10. Brush removal. Removing brush and wood piles that are resting against the house making an easy bridge for ants to enter your abode is also recommended by Reader’s Digest.

If chemicals aren’t your thing but ants just drive you crazy, try one of these ideas. You may be able to rid yourself of ants, toxic-free!