10 incredible tricks photographers use to make food look tempting


ow is the time to be unique. Everyone is so hard bent on being different than others that it has led to a generation of people trying to be different. They go for marketing anything and everything, they have to increase the reach. Such is the case with food as well. It is no longer about the taste, the aroma or the process. People have forgotten that already. They now want to portray food in a «tasty» manner. From odd tricks to fancy one-liners, they have used it all.

I was just casually surfing the internet when I came across something very intriguing. There are tricks that photographers use to make the food look tasty, and those tricks are really bizarre. If you accidentally end up eating even a tiny bit of them, then you will have to make rounds to the hospital because they are disastrous to eat as well. You can’t even imagine what all it takes to make food appealing to people.

Deodorant makes the food look shiny
Have you wondered why does food in those ads look so shiny and when you end up buying them, they don’t look the same? That is because photographers spray deodorant on them to give them that lustre.

Pouring engine oil instead of maple syrup.
Maple syrup, when poured on pancakes gets soaked in quickly, so they put engine oil instead. Imagine eating pancakes with engine oil. Yikes!

Burger patties are coloured with shoe polish.
The burger patties are roasted only for a few seconds to keep them juicy. The grill marks are made from skewers and shoe polish. It brings out a smoky and roasted look.

Glycerin makes seafood look fresh.
Seafood is very delicate and that is why it loses its presentation very quickly. Advertisers, to add the charming element, treat it with a mixture of water and glycerol.

Cardboard inside a cake.
Cakes are inserted with cardboard to keep them dry and fixed with toothpicks. The same trick is used for burgers and sandwiches.

Liquid Soap creates foam.
The fizz that we see in drinks is created using liquid soap. The foam formed by the liquid soap is stable thus stays for long.

Mashed potato in place of ice-cream.
There are lights in the studio which melts the ice-cream, so photographers use coloured mashed potatoes or a paste of starch, icing sugar, corn syrup, fat instead.

Shaving cream instead of whipped cream.
Whipped cream, like ice-cream, also melts quickly unlike shaving cream. So, photographers use shaving cream in desserts in place of whipped cream.

Plastic ice cubes.
There is something called plastic ice cubes which is used instead of normal ice cubes because they melt under the hot lights of the studio. Is anything real in this world?

Glue instead of milk
Cereals soak in the milk and sink to the bottom, so glue is used in its place. Well, it would be a sight if someone on the set eats cereals with glue.

All of this only makes me think that there is nothing real left in the world. All of it is just marketing gimmick.