10 Dining Etiquettes One Must Know Before Heading to a Fancy Restaurant


You would want to know these quick and easy manners.

A fine dining restaurant is a whole different world altogether. They have their own rules and regulations and if these aren’t followed then one would probably be subjected to some judgment. From graciously chewing to beautifully drinking wine, everything has been defined. One cannot just sit in their pajamas and bang their hand on the table for food.
Book the table beforehand.


If you book the table beforehand, then you will not have to go through the hassle of waiting in line while being hungry. It will make your companion feel important. Isn’t that wonderful?

Dress according to the restaurant.


It would be wise that you check if there is any dress code and then dress accordingly. The way we dress, makes a lot of impact, not only on the person but also on ourselves.

Put the napkin on your lap.


This one is a polite manner being practised since time and age. It aims to protect your clothes if at all you drop some food.

Pay attention to how the cutlery is being placed after eating.


Don’t put the cutlery anywhere but the plate to avoid staining the tablecloth. Also, when you are done eating, do point the fork and knife at 11 o’ clock position and of course, with the tines up. A little tip: Work from outside while selecting the cutlery.

Tucking napkin is no longer used.


In ancient times, this manner was considered a good one but now it comes under vulgarity. So, the next time you see a tablecloth, it would be wise that you place it on your lap.

Put your phones away while eating with company.


If someone pulls out a phone while eating, then it is not only rude to the person sitting with them but also a disrespect to the food that they are eating. Eating is sacred, and one should enjoy it without wavering attention.

Be kind to the people who serve you.


Being kind to people helping you in the restaurant shows chivalry, humanity and kindheartedness. Calling them by whistling or talking to him while putting the head read or reading something is just plain rude.

Ask the person sitting with you before you leave the table.


Before you leave the table, ask the person sitting with you and place the napkin on the table to hint that you are coming back.

Don’t clink your glass with a spoon before giving a toast.


This is also one of the manners that is no longer practised.

Most importantly, enjoy the time!


Don’t be conscious, or be all about mannerisms. Enjoy your company and the food.