10 clever hotel hacks you’ll need the next time you are on a family vacation


Staying in a hotel can be an adventure, especially if you’re staying in one as part of a vacation. You don’t even have to make your own bed! But as much as staying in a nice hotel is the bee’s knees of traveling, sometimes you need a little extra help to make your stay a little more convenient.
Whether you’re staying on a budget or you forgot something at home, check out one of these hacks to get the most out of your hotel stay.

  1. Bring your own gear to cook
    Most standard hotel rooms don’t have a stove to cook. If you’re trying to save money, bring along your slow cooker (and liners). You can plug it in and let your food cook while you’re away. Just remember to eye the time, you can easily overcook your food if you’re out exploring too long. Need to whip up something easy for the family? Try these easy recipe ideas:
    — Slow cooker pepperoni pizza mac & cheese
    — Slow cooker spaghetti & meatballs (5 mins prep)
  2. Save money by calling
    This pro tip is as simple as it sounds. Instead of booking online, call the hotel directly and ask them for a better deal than what they are offering to web buyers. They might say no, but most of the time you’ll probably save money.
  3. Stay safe at the hotel
    Avoid posting your «please clean room» sign on your door. The staff may know you want your room cleaned, but other unsavory characters may realize you’re probably out of your room too, putting your security at risk. The cleaning staff will likely offer to clean your room without the sign anyway, so there’s no reason to broadcast your absence. Better yet, hang your do not disturb sign on days you don’t need your room cleaned.2
  4. 4. Have groceries delivered
    Save a little room in your suitcase and save cash on room service by having groceries delivered to your room. Some cities offer Amazon Prime Now which has goods to your room in two hours or less. Otherwise, pre-plan your delivery by ordering ahead.
  5. Use the ironing board as a table
    Need a little extra dining space? Pull that ironing board out of the closet and set it up in front of the bed.
  6. Use clothes hangers to keep your blinds shut
    If the curtains in your room aren’t keeping all of the light out, grab a hanger from the closet (the ones with clips) and clip the two curtains together.4
  7. Create a humidifier
    Need a little extra humidity to ease a stuffy nose or dry skin? Hang a damp towel over a chair or ironing board and place it in front of the air conditioner in the room.
  8. Pack a power strip
    Hotels don’t often have a lot of plugs to charge electronics and other items you may need to plug in. Pack a portable power strip to give yourself a little extra charging power for all those gadgets you packed.
  9. Make a sandwich with the iron
    If you’re REALLY pinching pennies, grab some bread, cheese, tin foil and the iron. Cover the bread with the foil and press the iron against the foil to toast the bread and melt the cheese.7
  10. Stream your favorite shows
    Don’t pay $100 to rent a movie from the hotel. Instead, take advantage of the free hotel wi-fi and stream videos to your hotel TV using the HDMI port and your computer or smartphone. Netflix binge with the option of room service? Yes, please!

Make sure you try a few of these hacks the next time you hit the road for vacation and don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook so they can try them out too!