Woman Opens Up Her Mailbox, Then Finds Giant Mom Spider Protecting Her Newly Hatched Babies


Australia is notorious for having some of the world’s most impressive and largest species of spiders, but usually when you think of a spider you hope it’s not anywhere near your house or your belongings. Especially not a huntsman spider, which can be enormous!

Yet Natasha Joyce, a woman living in North Bendigo, Australia, went to open her mailbox one day and made a startling discovery.

Inside was a huge female huntsman spider, and the arachnid was protecting a sack of eggs!

But while most people would probably run away screaming, Natasha saw this is an opportunity.

She decided to take care of the spider — named Hortense — and watch over her until her eggs hatched.

Natasha had help from neighborhood kids, who were fascinated by the spider.

“As soon as my 4-year-old nephew comes here he says, ‘I want to see the big spider lady,’” she said to the Bendigo Advertiser.

“And when I looked after friend’s daughters, who are 6 and 8 years old, they were so excited about the babies they made Hortense a little nursery, complete with a nappy changing table, cot, and sofa.”

In the video below, shot six weeks after Natasha originally found Hortense, she opened her mailbox to finally see the new spider babies!

And man, were there a lot of them! Check it out in the video below, and please Rasplove it on Facebook!