Warning: Epidemic Of New Virus! Parents Must Know These Symptoms


With the first frosts, people start catching cold and different infectious diseases much more often. At schools and in kindergartens infectious diseases spread even faster. Despite the fact that the majority of children are vaccinated against the most widespread diseases, and some parents have already managed to vaccinate their kids against influenza, the agents of infectious diseases mutate and change constantly.


This year, doctors track the splash of the diseases caused by extremely stable virus. Enteroviral vesicular stomatitis with exanthema, which is also known as «Hand-Foot-and-Mouth disease» (HFMD), started to progress quickly recently. Experts predict that this year can be the record-breaking in the amount of cases of this disease.


The symptoms of the virus are very similar to those that the cold has, with the high temperature and ache in throat. Besides, there are red itching spots appearing on palms, feet and inside the ill person’s mouth. In rare cases, these wounds can appear on other body parts and even on genitals.


So, why is this virus so widespread? The problem is that the disease is very infectious and is easily passed to another person in case of the contact with saliva or mucus of the ill person. This means that you can easily catch it if the ill person sneezes, if you kiss him or her or simply shake hands.

That is why this disease spreads in pre-school institutions especially quickly, where children are often covered with saliva and snivel. This is also typical for schools and colleges as well, where schoolchildren share food and drinks. The disease also affects people with the weak immune system. That’s why old people are very vulnerable.


Despite the fact that the virus looks creepy, this disease is not dangerous. Usually, an organism needs a week or two to deal with the illness by itself. Of course, at the first symptoms you need to visit a doctor to get the precise diagnosis and the best antiviral therapy. In addition, you will have to remain at home until you become completely healthy not to infect other people.


The symptoms of the virus are usually not very noticeable, but it can lead to serious complications, especially among people with the weak immune system. In rare cases, the disease leads to serious brain infections such as meningitis and encephalitis.


To avoid this disease, stick to the rules of the personal hygiene. Check that your children wash their hands thoroughly before eating and after visiting public places. If you did catch this disease, go see a doctor and drink lots of liquids, even if you feel pain during swallowing because of the wounds.

To save your close people from this disease, Rasplove with them this important information. Take care and be healthy!