Tourist Accidentally Broke A Jade Bracelet While Trying It On. When They Showed Her The Price Tag, She Passed Out In Panic


When you examine or try on very expensive things in a store, it is important to treat them very carefully and gently. And if you are a tourist in a foreign country, you should be even more cautious because the laws there might be very different. You might go broke or even end up in jail for a little trinket. After reading this story, you’ll think twice before touching anything at souvenir shops while on vacation.

This Chinese woman was in Ruili City, Yunnan Province when she decided to enter a jade souvenir store and look at neat things in showcases. Jade is an ornamental rock very much appreciated in China and is believed to bring health and longevity.

Right away, the tourist’s eye was caught by a greenish bracelet, which was beautiful but very simple. The woman, of course, wanted to try it on.

When she was holding the bracelet trying to push her hand through it, it slipped out, fell down on the floor and broke into two pieces. She knew she had to pay for the item she broke, but she didn’t know the price. Quickly, the store owner came up to her and informed that the jade piece cost 300,000 yuan ($44,000), according to BBC.

The woman got pale in a second and had a panic attack. Then she lost her consciousness and fell down. Some other visitors of the store caught her and tried to revive her. Her family came soon after and asked the seller to pay less, but he refused. The third-party jeweler was invited to appraise the broken accessory. He said its real price was 180,000 yuan, which is approximately $26,000.


The family had to agree to pay this large sum. Unfortunately, they didn’t have that much money and were able to give only $10,000. Now, they have to work hard and give a big part of their salaries to the jade store. Anyways, they will never forget this vacation.

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