This Boy Showed His Parents The Place Where He Had Been Murdered 4 Years Before


Whatever your beliefs, the following story is very strange, but all sources confirm its authenticity.

In the middle east, it’s very common to believe in the reincarnation of souls. Many believe that we have already existed in this world, but in a previous life, in a different body.

Doctor Eli Lasch assures he was present when the facts happened. A three year old boy, who was living close to the border between Palestine and Syria, told his parents that he had been murdered in his past life. The boy also said he knew where he had lived before, so his parents took him to that town to investigate further.

In the town, his parents asked if there was a man with the name that he boy had told them, and in fact, a person with that name had lived there, but he had disappeared approximately four years ago.

The boy responded, saying that the man had been murdered and he knew exactly who had done it. The little boy guided everybody to the place where “his body” had been buried, and upon excavating the area, they found human remains, apparently belonging to the man who had disappeared.

After being confronted, the criminal finally confessed to the crime and is now paying his punishment.

Although it sounds hard to believe, many confirm that this whole story really did happen… and you? What do you think?