Teach your child how to use a potty in only 3 days. Here’s how


Teaching a child to use the bathroom can be a little bit of an arduous process for parents, and it can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved. While there is no miracle method to getting a child used to going to the restroom on their own, there is one method that is said to teach the child in three days.

It’s called the Fellom technique, and it’s not easy by any means. However, it’ll shorten the amount of time for traditional methods of potty training, and get your child up and running.

The process starts with your child going naked from the waist down, and it is suggested that the method of training is done during a three-day block where you might be able to quarantine yourselves inside the home. Parenting.com suggested that t-shirts can be wrapped around the child, but absolutely no underwear is to go on the child.

While the child is getting ready for bed, however, it is recommended that the child wears a diaper at night.

1The following things then need to happen.

Set out several potties in every room of your house.
Carry extra diapers and wipes
Make sure to keep socks and the heater on if your home gets chilly
Then, each day needs to be followed to a T with the following steps.
2Day 1:

You child will stay pants and underwearless. You will need to keep an eye on them the entire day.
Give your children salty snacks and a lot of water/liquids to keep your child hydrated and peeing often.
Whenever a trusted adult needs to use the restroom themselves, take the child and show them how it works by example.
Celebrate whenever they’ve managed to use the potty trainer by themselves. If they can do it consistently 10-12 times, children can be trusted to use the bathroom themselves!
Don’t let your child be ashamed for failing. Just keep reiterating that the bathroom needs to be done in the potty.
Before naps and bedtime, put the kids on the potty, don’t ask them if they need to, just make them. They should wear a diaper to prevent massive accidents just in case.

3Day 2:

You’ll largely remain with the same tactic, however, your child should go outside for an hour on this day. Have them pee and then take them outside for an hour (with loose-fitting pants on). The goal is to go out and get back to the house without any accident. A simple stroll through your neighborhood is recommended.

child-345523_1280Day 3:

The same results here, but aim to go outside twice- once in the morning and once at night. Again, go to the bathroom first and then go outside. If you need to, take an extra set of clothes or a clean potty to bring with you in case there is an emergency.
The process is sure to be a tough three days, but with a little patience, your child can be relatively quickly trained! Best of luck to all the parents out there helping their child transition over.

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