Tattooed Man Waves To Mom Onstage, But Not Even Simon Can Believe His High Voice On First Note


There are countless talented individuals across the planet who are blessed with a vocal ability that goes far beyond the traditional scale. Unfortunately, it’s rare that they ever get the opportunity to really show off that skill or “get their break” into real show business.

To find success, you need not only a heck of a lot of ambition; you also need a dash of luck to be able to get your face in front of the right folks.

That’s exactly what the hopefuls on shows like America’s Got Talent are vying for when they step onto the stage. The contestants have to summon all of their courage to stand in front of someone like Simon Cowell and ask for his acceptance.

Of course, I can’t imagine the immense feeling of pride and relief when they manage to make the grouchy judge crack a smile with their performance. You can see it on their faces in certain auditions — like the soulful 62-year-old singer who was given a second chance to impress the panel.

Twenty-eight-year-old Brian Justin Crum only needed one shot to prove his vocal prowess. The handsome singer brought his mom along for the big moment and gushed about how much she’s helped him through tough times in his life.

Justin’s song choice was definitely bold, tackling the tricky Queen tune, “Somebody to Love.” Freddie Mercury isn’t someone many people can adequately emulate, but he totally makes it his own.

Soon, the crowd is roaring, and I have a feeling that at least one or two of the judges wishes they still had the golden buzzer as an option.

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