She Bought Her Daughter A Popular Toy, But Didn’t Imagine The Tragedy That Was To Follow!


We should be very careful when it comes to our children’s toys. Sometimes we can’t even imagine the risk we’re putting them to. The Fidget Spinner is one of those toys that has become trendy very recently. It’s a very simple object which you use your own fingers to spin.


It’s very entertaining and seems perfectly harmless, so one mother decided to give one as a gift to her daughter. Kelly thought she had made a great purchase, since her daughter was very happy and couldn’t stop playing with her favorite toy. However, she soon realized the danger it represented.


One day, while returning from an outing, Kelly heard her daughter making a strange sound in the back seat. When she turned around, she realized that her daughter couldn’t breathe and was completely red. The mother stopped the car and immediately performed the Heimlich maneuver. However, the object wouldn’t come out and she realized that one of the cogs from the toy had become lodged in her throat and wouldn’t come out.


The girl was immediately taken to hospital. Luckily, a little air could still pass through her throat, so they had time to examine her. Doctors realized that the cog was stuck in the girl’s esophagus and they could remove it via surgery. The scared mother wants to spread the story so that all parents pay attention to their children’s toys and avoid a potential tragedy.