Photographer Crept Inside An Abandoned Hospital. Then He Heard Muffled Cries And Found Something Shocking


Joshua Gold, an amateur photographer, was very excited when he got inside this abandoned hospital, situated in Troy, New York. The man loves to photograph abandoned buildings, so each time he finds a new construction, he burns with curiosity. But that time things were different.


When Joshua first went into the building, everything was just as it usually is, but then the man realized that he was not alone in this spooky place.


The photographer noticed that other people had been there before him. The man found tags and garbage in every room.


Suddenly he heard a weird mewling cry coming from somewhere very close to him. Joshua froze in horror. His instincts told him to run, but the brave guy decided to stay. He reached the third floor and realized that the sound was coming from a heating vent. When Joshua looked inside, he was shocked!


It was a tiny kitten! The poor creature was stuck at the bottom of the vent. He had no idea how the animal got there and more importantly, how to help the cat.


But one thing was certain: Joshua wasn’t going to leave the kitty in that vent.
Watch the video below to see the whole story!