Parents Gave Him Away When He was 36 Hours Old, But Here Is How He Turned Out!


When Jono Lancaster was only 36 hours old, his parents abandoned him. The baby was born with a rare genetic disorder, called the Tricer Collins syndrome, which affects the formation of facial bones.

Jono’s biological mother was horrified when she saw her son, so the woman immediately stated that she could not take the child and raise him.


Jono’s cheekbones stretched, and his eyes dropped lower. Moreover, he had problems with hearing, and, as the doctor’s said, the boy wouldn’t have the ability to walk or talk at all.

The poor baby’s future was in jeopardy, but fortunately, one woman named Jin had taken care of him when he was only 2 weeks old and then adopted him when he was 5 years old.


20 years have passed since then, and now Jono is a successful young man who wants to share his message with the world!

“I’ve had to be positive throughout my whole entire life. Everybody just looks at me and underestimates me, and I’ve always had to prove that people are wrong,” said the guy.


“It’s not me. God made me like this and I was born like this for a reason.”


One of Jono’s favorite places is the gym. It is a safe place that helps him to release the negative energy and gives strength and motivation to move on.


When he was 25, Jono tried to contact his biological parents. The adoption service was able to deliver the guy’s message to them. And yet, they refused to meet and asked not to bother them with such requests anymore.


Jono was hurt again, but he did not break down and found the strength to forgive his parents. The guy is not angry with them and does not want other people to condemn his biological mother and father for such a decision.


“No one knows what they went through when I was born, they did what they thought was best for them. By this decision, I was put on this road and I am now with amazing people around me,” said the young man.


Now, Jono does sports, travels around the world and helps children who suffer from the same disease. He teaches them to accept themselves as they are because you should always love yourself!