Mexican Woman Crashed Into Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Car. You Will Never Believe What He Did To Her


Leonardo Dicaprio is one of the best actors in the world. He‘s had a successful career and last year he won his well deserved first Oscar. We is also loved by millions for his good looks, but perhaps not many of us know about his humility and compassion.

A few days ago, the car in which Leo and his girlfriend were traveling in was hit by another car, driven by an undocumented Latina immigrant.


After the collision, Leonardo made sure his girlfriend was fine and then went to the other car to see how the other woman was. He helped her get out of the car, took her arm and took her under the shade of a tree to sit down and relax.


Although Leonardo’s car was destroyed in the accident, he remained calm and worried about the two women. He also decided to pay for both of the costs and not call the police, given the undocumented status of the driver.

There’s no doubt that Leo has it all. Talent, fortune, beauty and a big heart. Bravo, Leo!