Little Boy Plays With Lioness Through Glass


What happened to this little boy at the El Paso zoo is simply marvelous. Most people wouldn’t want to come face to face with a wild animal, but this is what this sweet toddler experienced, and he was overjoyed!

When the boy approached the lions’ glass cage, 7 year old Zari immediately tried to make friends with her new acquaintance. She started pawing at the glass, attempting in vain to catch the toddler’s hand. Look how happy the boy was to receive close attention from the lioness! This wonderful meeting has been documented by zoo director Rick LoBello.

The sweet little boy will definitely remember meeting this majestic animal for a long time to come!

However, we must remember that lions are wild animals and deadly predators. Maybe, it wasn’t really a game for the lion. If that child now had to encounter a lion in a zoo or a circus behind bars, it could be fatal for him to think the big cat wants to play.

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