How Many Tigers Can You See In This Painting?


There is no better way to get your mind going than to tease it with some puzzles and optical illusions. Brainteasers come in different sorts and kinds. One may need you to solve for something, to count, or to even scrutinize a photo. Other puzzles come in ways like you have to see what’s hidden among a lot of patterns and stuff, and it can guarantee that your mind and your vision can function more actively than ever.

This puzzle below is also a brainteaser, and you need to get your creative juices flowing to be able to overcome this challenge. Are you ready?

Look at this painting of tigers. Now, tell me. How many tigers can you see in this picture? 4?

This painting features a family of four tigers located inside the jungle. Here’s the challenging part: aside from the four obvious tigers in the painting, how many more tigers can you see? You will need to use your creativity here.

To give you a clue, most of the hidden tigers can be found in the landscape, carefully camouflaged so you won’t see them easily at all.

So, how many did you find? 4? 5? More than 10? Then, let’s take a look on how many tigers are there really:


There are 16 tigers in this painting! Did you get it right?