Homeless Man Picked Up Wallet And Gave It Back To Owner. He Asked For Some Change But Got $1000 Instead


Two men in the video have decided to film a social experiment. They collected some wallets, and one of the men had to drop a wallet in front of different homeless people.

First, their efforts to find a decent person were not very successful, and there was almost no hope left to find the right person. As every wallet they dropped was picked up by a homeless in the nick of time. It was evident that no one was willing to give it back.

However, in the end, they managed to find a man who didn’t accept “the present.” He was going along the street and saw a wallet; the men bent to pick it up and immediately called the owner who was right in front of him.

Then, the guy told the homeless man they are filming the social experiment and that he is the only one who returned the wallet. And as a way of expressing gratitude, they are giving the homeless $1000.

The man was standing shocked there! He simply couldn’t believe his eyes and ears. I hope it’s enough for him to start a better life he truly deserves!