Gynecologists Reveal The Habits That Annoy Them Most


Becoming a doctor is a tough task. And then being a consistently good doctor who can be depended on is even more arduous. Not only is someone’s health and life in your hands, but they are also entrusting you with their futures as well!

Now imagine being a doctor that specifically deals with a female’s sexual organs. To be a Gynecologist, you have to have a calling for it. Your face and hands are constantly in and near a ladies private bits, and you are responsible for an important aspect of women’s health. Gynos also ensure that a woman is going through puberty well, that their reproductive system is in check and for general maintenance. They help females understand the body and how to care for it, and they also help prevent infections, abnormal discharges, and any diseases. Like anyone else that has a job that deals with the general public, there are habits that patients have that drive a gynecologist crazy. So the next time you are headed for your gyno check up, keep these in mind so the appointment goes smoothly for the both of you. After all, the gyno deals with your precious cargo so you want to keep them happy.


1. Don’t cancel your appointment just because you are on your menstrual cycle. Doesn’t matter what you are going in for, gynos are adamant you should not cancel. Besides, they are quite familiar with that time of the month and know what to expect. If you think your flow is too heavy, that is actually a great reason to go!


2. This one is universal among doctors. Don’t self-diagnose. With the advent of the internet and how easy it is to Google your symptoms, everyone thinks they are a doctor. If you think something is wrong, don’t guess and go down the rabbit hole of the internet, book an appointment.


3. Every woman is familiar with being told by their gyno to scoot down the examining table until your bottom is right at the base. Hint: they hate telling you. Just do it, you already know they are going to ask! Get that bottom almost hanging off the edge and your legs in those stirrups. Unless you feel super exposed, you aren’t doing it right.

Doctor taking notes

4. Gynos deal with a very private part of female bodies. A lot of women are embarrassed to speak up about things that may be going on down there, but you never should. Your gyno will never judge you. Being honest and open with your gyno can mean the difference between life and death. Extreme, but it’s true.


5. Pelvic exams and pap smears save lives. Every three years, you should be getting a pap smear unless your gyno says you need to do it more often. It’s such a fast and quick thing to do, and your gyno really hates it when you don’t get it done. Cervical cancer is one of the most aggressive and painful types.


6. When dealing with a new gyno, make sure you tell them if you have had kids, and how many kids you have. Also whether you gave birth naturally or by c-section. All of this information is important because it will help the gyno choose the right size instruments. This will make the experience much more comfortable for you.


7. Do not take medical advice from personal blogs on the internet, seriously. Just because a mommy blogger wrote that the best thing during pregnancy is a gluten-free diet, does not make it true. Many people think their online reading equates to a medical degree, and let us tell you now that it does not.


8. Don’t bother apologizing for things if you are not groomed down there. They don’t notice and they really don’t care because they are so desensitized to it. You really don’t have to shave for your Gyno. Let your bush be free.


9. There are a lot of women out there that prefer a female Gyno, but you need to make that evident before you’re at the appointment. Don’t get there knowing it’s a male doctor and then hesitate because you are not keen on having a man you don’t know in your bits and pieces.


10. Stop using all those weird products to clean your bits. Literally, the only thing that should be going inside of you is warm water. No soaps or body washes. Coconut oil is okay though. (Make sure to dry off by dabbing/patting the skin as opposed to aggressively rubbing the towel on your skin.)


11. Always, always be upfront about any medications you are currently on, especially substances you are taking that may not be prescribed. The only person that will really lose if you aren’t honest is yourself. (Remember: there is something called patient-doctor confidentiality.)


12. Be open about your physically intimate life. If there is any pain or discomfort that occurs during intimate times, your gyno definitely needs to know. Leave all your embarrassment and shyness at the door because your gyno literally should be hearing all the most embarrassing details because they can be symptomatic of something.


13. The small talk isn’t because they actually care what place your son came in at his last piano recital. It’s meant to calm you down and relieve any stress you may be feeling; don’t brush it off as annoying, it’s for your sake.


14. They’ve experienced every fluid you can imagine during an exam, don’t feel embarrassed or ask the exam to stop. If you experience some discomfort, you can always ask to take a break and resume in 5 minutes. They’re the professionals.


15. Every patient says they’re self-conscious about how they look or smell. Everyone is different, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of anything. Gynos deal with different parts every day, and they are there to help. Their job is not to judge your body.


16. They’re all fully trained surgeon and operate quite a bit. Treat them with the respect you would any surgeon, and trust their advice. And finally, don’t be embarrassed. Remember to schedule regular appointments, as directed by your doctor, and show up to them!